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05-25-2002, 11:40
This is a deer I bagged on the 4th day of the season in the Eastern Panhandle of WVa..A cool brisk morning around 7:30 and he emerged from a stand of pines about 100 yds..Clean shot and dropped on the spot..Just a six point, but a decent spread..Also a large bodied deer..Savage 'Weather Warrior' chambered for 300 Win Mag. did the job..
Anyone else want to share a memory and pic if you have one?..

05-25-2002, 17:01
Here is part of my collection:
<img src="" width=640 height=480 >
Just kidding;) . They are actually some of my dad's many trophies. Except for the wide whitetail just to the right of the clock. My mom shot that one when she was 8-months pregnant with me...Gotta admire Idaho women.

05-26-2002, 17:20
Very nice 6 point Tooth, I like the one shot kill also. Good luck in the upcoming season.

06-07-2002, 21:17
Ok, here's the deer I got this past season. He was a pretty descent 4X4 on a dead run from my right to left at about 60 yards. I shot him with my short Marlin lever action .44 mag with 230grn Hornady XTP JHP's.

By the way, he tasted great!