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01-28-2008, 17:30
Now that I've "officially" reached the two month mark of work on my novel, I figure its time to do some editing. I did some minor editing on the 1st chapter prior to Christmas, but have just been writing constantly since then. I've reached around 40 or 50 pages of solid writing in about size 11 or 12 font. Its good, but I think I could extend some of the scenes with more detail and action that were too short before with some good editing and revising.

How do you edit? How often? Do you have any specific techniques or just read it through and look for areas that could use improvement. If I really go over everything and rework it, I could easily turn whats now about 47 pages into around 70. I felt like I was rushed to get on with the story during the first two chapters and they could use some additional action.