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02-12-2008, 07:42
Well, we are thinking of biting the bullet and getting a Wii. At least, if we can! Every website I go to says they are out of stock. Walmart, Best Buy, Circuit City. At least they say that they are out of stock "online", I am not sure if that means they have them to be bought if you go to a store.

What is up with Wii? Two months after Christmas (and what, hasn't it been 2 years since they first came out??) and they still are hard to get? Almost makes me think the seeming rarity of them is "manufactured" by Nintendo!

Anyways... maybe because of how rare they are, it is a little confusing on what to get. My understanding is that the "basic" system comes with one remote, and the "sports pack"? So we are going to want to get at least one more remote, and I have heard great things about the "Guitar Hero" game.

Walmart has a "combo pack", that is the Wii with 10 games and some other stuff for $677. That is a little high for us right now. Plus, it is out of stock! lol

Any suggestions on what to get for / with the Wii, without going overboard? Preferably under $500 total?

02-12-2008, 09:19
The system as shipped includes Wii Sports, one remote, and one nunchuk controller (that plugs into the remote to give you a joystick and two more buttons). The included game is great to show what the remote can do and kind of train you on how the system works. For instance, with boxing you hold the remote in one hand and the nunchuk in the other and throw punches. With golf you use only the remote and mimic a golf swing.

Some places are bundling the Wii package with other games and things, mainly to take advantage of the demand. Honestly, I don't think it's worth the money.

My wife signed up for and we were able to score three Wiis before Christmas through Amazon. We gave two as gifts and kept one for ourselves. Definitely sign up there and you'll get an alert...just be ready to pull the trigger when you get news of one.

In terms of accessories, defintely get another remote/nunchuk...much of the fun comes from playing against people. When you get the extra remote, don't get the remote by the WiiPlay package, which includes a remote and a disc with ten minigames on it. WiiPlay is only $10 more than just the remote, and the games are kind of fun.

After I bought the WiiPlay package I bought the Wii Zapper, a kind of two-handed submachine gun-looking contraption. It comes with a shooting game, but honestly it doesn't work as well as I'd like. The shooting function is tracked by an IR sensor bar that sits either above or below your TV, and not the TV screen itself. That means your crosshairs aren't quite where your point of aim is.

Lastly, the remotes tend to go through batteries rather quickly. I went in for a Wii Charge Station by Nyko for around $30 that replaces the AA batteries in the remote with a chargable battery pack. You can then set the remote directly into the charging station.

02-12-2008, 11:46
Thanks! We are still thinking about it.

Scottsdale Thug
02-15-2008, 00:55
What is up with Wii? Two months after Christmas (and what, hasn't it been 2 years since they first came out??) and they still are hard to get? Almost makes me think the seeming rarity of them is "manufactured" by Nintendo!

The problem is they are all made in house by Nintendo. I heard that they shut down two D.S. plants to increase the supply.(now the D.S. is hard to find too)

They are shipping and stores do get them but once word gets out it spreads like wildfire and they are gone within the hour.

You just have to be at the right place at the right time.

When you do find one and you go to get the extra Wii-mote, I recommend the Wii Play ( It is $10 more than the controller by itself and you get something like 10 mini games with it.

As for other accessories here is the link to a thread last month with some good ideas in it.


P.S. I agree with Goaltender66 ( Stay away from the bundles.

02-27-2008, 13:30
my son turns 7 tomorrow. he has a game cube and has been wanting a wii for quite some time. i wanted to buy him one for christmas, but not unlike everyone, i couldn't find one. i have a business resellers account with best buy and got in good with one of the managers. she pulled some strings (or so she made it seem) and located their next shipment. she gave me the time the truck would arrive and i was sitting there when it got there. i bought the first two they brought out. i suggest trying to do like i did and talk to a manager to see if they are willing to give you the inside scoop. be there when the truck arrives because from what i was told, within an hour, 15 units were sold out.

if you know anyone with any wii games, borrow them before you buy them. i recently borrowed from a friend mortal kombat, scareface, and resident evil 4 for myself and super mario galaxy and mario strikers charged for my son to play before we buy our own copy. i was highly disappointed with mario and scarface.

it was impossible to keep it from him until his birthday. i wanted to play it too badly. hah. he seems to like the backward-compatibility the wii has with his gamecube games, remotes, and memory cards.

the console came with one remote/nunchuck and wii sports ($250). i bought an extra nunchuck ($20) and wii play that comes with an extra remote ($50). too bad my reseller discount didn't apply to the wii.

i've found the newegg reviews for games to be relatively helpful:

one last tip: do not buy the 2GB SD card from best buy. they wanted $60 for it - and its nothing more than a rebadged sandisk sd card. i got the same card from newegg for $10 shipped. 2GB is the highest supported capacity, fyi.

02-27-2008, 13:40
...and I have heard great things about the "Guitar Hero" game.

oh and Guitar Hero 3 is a must-have and soon, Rock Band. DDR is a good choice too if thats your style. definitely plan on buying an extra remote and nunchuck. i saw no reason not to spend the extra $10 for wii play. a remote is $40 and wii play with a remote is $50. in retrospect, it wasn't a BAD investment, but it wasn't great either. wii sports is, to me, hands down more fun than wii play.