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02-12-2008, 15:47
Why do you write? In my case, it's less an "ooh, I want to write a novel," than a compulsive drive to release all of my ideas in a story format. There's been days where I've had the drive to write but been unable to and I've came close to ripping my hair out. In some ways its great to be capable of writing, but in other ways its a bit of a burden to see something that triggers a thought related to writing and I suddenly HAVE to get it down on paper.

02-12-2008, 17:16
A lot of the time it's because I have the compulsion to tell a story about something or to make a point about something.

I've had days like you're talking about as well. The thing that seems to suck the most is knowing what you want to say but not how to say it.

02-12-2008, 17:21
I write to become a better communicator. I know writing will make me a better writer, but I think it also helps me to better formulate and articulate my ideas verbally.

02-12-2008, 19:22
I've had days like you're talking about as well. The thing that seems to suck the most is knowing what you want to say but not how to say it.
I hate it when this happens. You feel like you need to transfer your ideas down, but you just can't. Guess its just one of the problems that comes with being a writer.

Sgt. Rambo
02-13-2008, 18:28
Its a great stress relief for me. I originally started my first book to just have fun and "get away". I really enjoy character development and watching were they take ME. Lately because of self induced deadlines, it hasn't been that much fun. I'll get back there though.

02-17-2008, 10:23
Creative release is great therapy. I write, because I love to. Most of my writing these days has been historic as I am working in my master's degree in early American history. I should be finished with my thesis by September or October, defend it in November, and graduate by December. However, I have two stories sitting on the shelf, both started, both well over twenty chapters done, they just need to be finished. One is already finished, so far, 18 rejection letters, but it's okay, I am in good company.

Stay Safe


02-21-2008, 14:46
first of all I gotta agree with the theraputic value you can get from writing. It isn't why I started but it didn't take me long to see how relaxing it is and what a good way to "re center" yourself.

I wanted to write since I was in my 30s but I was always working and trying to raise my family and never could work it in. When I retired I vowed to give it an honest effort. Man, what a surprise! I started writing to sharpen my memory and to organize my thoughts. Help me recall some of my past experiences. I was amaze how they all seemed to come back once I got started. Like they were all just lieing just under the surface, waiting for me to blow the dust off and revive them.

I know it may sound selfish but I enjoy writing for my own pleasure. Some say I have a knack. I don't know about that but I love how it makes me feel. I also get a certain amout of pleasure out of the compliments and encouragement I get from my friends and family.

Here's a sample.


http://img246.imageshack.us/img246/9380/maloneyie7.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

Hi! My name is Maloney and here is the story of my
great week end with Jack and Pam.

It all began on a very stormy Friday night. I
hate thunder and lightening. It scares me to the point
of hysteria. Friday night was very frightening for me
because the lightening was so close and the thunder
was so loud.

There's this little gap between the bottom of the
fence and grass in my back yard that I walk past
dozens of times every day and never give a thought to.
But in my agitated state Friday night I just freaked
out and dug my way out at that point. once I got out I
just ran and ran and ran...no idea where I was headed
but I felt compelled to get there as fast as I could.

When I stopped to catch my breath I was in completely
strange surroundings. Nothing I could see looked
familiar. Great! Now look what I've done! The storm
still rages and I am out in it now, exposed to it and
what ever else might be around and lost to boot. What
ever happened to an animal's so-called instinct for
survival? Oh well, I'll just keep moving and maybe
something will turn up.

Brother! It's been a long night! The sun is up now,
must be about 8:30 or 9:00 AM...hey, hold on a sec,
there'e a garage door going up. Hmmm, lemme go check
THIS out.

Ok, I'm in the garage now...guy sees me...a surprised
look on his face for a moment but then he reaches down
and offers to pet me and is talking kinda friendly so
I go up and let him pet my head.

He pets me for a couple of minutes and then tries to
shoo me out of the garage. Maybe I should leave but I
just have a good feeling about this guy. I bet that if
I really pour on the charm I can have him falling all
over himself to do things for me. I follow him around
to the back yard and up onto the deck. Nice. Shady and
breezy and cool. I decide to back up that charm thing
with a lot of cute and I'm thinkin' that being
affectionate won't hurt none either...guy seems to
like me.

He runs and gets me a bowl of water and that tells me
what I need to know...HE'S MINE! He seems like he is
having some trouble deciding what to do about me. All
I can do is to keep pourin' it on and hope for the

After a while he goes in the house for a while and
when he comes back there is a woman with him. Hmmm,
she seems very sweet and seems to like me as much as
the guy. I may be onto something here.

After the initial greetings are over with the man and
woman sit down and begin to discuss my fate. They
can't seem to make up there minds. They did come to one
conclusion right away though, and that was that they
didn't much care for the way I smelled. I think I
heard the word "funky" mentioned. Guy said he was
going to the store for a few things and he'd be right
back. When he got back he came out with some good chow
and a bottle of green stuff that looked vaguely

They continued to discuss my fate while I ate, and a
little later gave me a treat that looked like a bone
with gravy dried on it...tasty! They agreed that the
right thing to do was to try to get me back home. That
could be a problem though, cause my master had my tags
off me to change them out for the new ones, so they
didn't know where I belonged. They decided to keep me
for the weekend and call the city animal control
center on Monday and see if any one was asking about

All that settled, the man gets the bottle of green
stuff and takes me out into the middle of the back
yard. He has this long green snake-like thing that he
can make water come out of. Now he's squirting it all
over me. WHOA! I could get used to this! He puts the
green stuff from the bottle all over me and it turns
into this great smelling foamy stuff and it makes my
skin tingle and feel very good. I get in a really
playful mood while he is trying to rinse me off and I
make a game out of trying to bite the end of the
"snake" where the water is coming out. He finally just
sets it down and lets me play in it a while by myself,
too much fun!

Now he comes up with an old throw rug which he places
in a good spot by the back door which I've indicated
is where I'd like to sleep. I miss my people but these
folks sure know how to make a dog feel at home! We
spend the rest of the day just knocking around in the
back yard. He kept throwing a stick and yelling for me
to go get it. Then, after a minute, he'd go get it and
throw it again. Don't know what that was all about but
he seemed to enjoy it so I didn't complain. He soon
grew tired of it and quit throwing the stick...seemed
a little disappointed in me for some reason.

Getting to know each other.

I spent the night on the rug in my new favorite spot
and had a great night. Something caught my attention
in the wee hours and I thought it would be in my best
interest to demonstrate my capabilities in the watch
dog department as long as I was trying to make a good
impression so I gave it a couple of quick barks but
that's all, no point in wakin' up the entire

Sunday was a great day. The man had a pile of logs out
next to his yard building and seemed intent on moving
all the logs off the rack they were on and tearing it
out and building a new one and then puting all the
logs back. Whew, people sure do some silly stuff. Any
way I felt it my duty to show an interest and so I got
involved in a major way and I know I was a big help
althought the man failed to show his appreciation.
Kept yelling, "get outta there", "stop that", "heuh".

Still getting to know each other.

The man and woman spent a lot of time out on the deck
with me, just talking and drinking some foul smelling
liquid that was black and hot...PEEEWWWWEEEE!

Monday started out good too but then the man started
making a bunch of phone calls. I heard him tell the
woman that some guy was gonna come get me and take me
to a place where my people could find me. If they
didn't find me in three days then I'd be put up for
adoption. If I didn't get addopted in a week then the
man said he wanted to come and get me back. He seemed
very affraid of what would happen to me if I didn't
get adopted. Well now, I'm a little concerned here,
the man seems determined that nothing bad will happen
to me but still, I once again face uncertainty. I
thought I had it made here.

A little later a guy comes and puts me up in his truck
and takes me to a place with lots of other dogs. I
hadn't been there very long when the nice lady that
works there tells me that my master is on his way to
pick me up. Oh joy...oh happy day.

Well, I'm back home now and getting settled back into
my old routine. I heard my master talking to the nice
man that took care of me over the week end and he told
him that my name is Maloney and that I'm a full blood
fox terrier. I'm very glad to be home and I promise
not to ever run away again. I had a pretty exciting
time and I'll always remember the nice man and woman
that took care of me.


Well, that was Maloney, as you must now be aware. I
can only add that he is a great dog! he dosen't bark,
dosen't lick and dosen't try to hump your leg. A very
affectionate and playful dog. The kind you can fall
for if you don't watch out.

Pam and I have had dogs in the past but we don't have
any right now and want to wait a while before we get
another one. Still, we would have gladly kept Maloney
if we couldn't find out where he lives or find a good
home for him. In all reality, a dog like that would be
no trouble to put with a good family. He's a real

Maloney, we enjoyed meeting you, come back and visit
any old time!

Jack and Pam

02-21-2008, 15:42
he dosen't bark, dosen't lick and dosen't try to hump your leg

Thats always a plus! :)