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05-30-2002, 15:20
A husband, wife and their small daughter visit a nudist camp.
As they walk into the camp, the little girl is all wide-eyed. "Mummy, there are ladies here with bigger boobs than yours!" she exclaims.

Her mother replies, "The bigger they are the dumber they are."

The daughter goes on, "There are men here with bigger *****es than Daddy's!"

Her mother replies again, "The bigger they are the dumber they are."

The little girl goes out to play, but a short time later she's back. "Mummy," she asks, "Is dumbness contagious like a cold?"

Her mother replies, "Why on earth would you think that dumbness is contagious?"

The girl answers, "Well, Daddy's talking to the dumbest lady I've ever seen, and the longer they talk the dumber he gets!"

05-30-2002, 18:20
That is sooooooooooo wrong;L