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02-16-2008, 10:26
mY fuel line broke when I was changing the filter,It is the line that runs from the front of the carb to the block towards the radiator up front.
It broke by the filter fitting about a inch and a half away from it.
Can I just put rubber hose on it and 2 clamps or how should I fix it?Money is low right now and I am not surprised the line broke since it is a 85olds delta 88royale brougham.
A family friend said to do the rubber hose and clamp idea since there is not alot of pressure generated since it is a carbuerated car not FI.
Any input would be appreciated,I now have to go change oil+filter,air filter,thermostat,and serpentine belt.Thanks in advance

Clem Eastwood
02-16-2008, 18:59
since its carbureted and the fuel pressure is probably below 8psi it should be fine to run a rubber hose. just make sure its not close to any moving or hot parts. id also check the clamps pretty regularly until you can fix it with OEM parts. there is also some rubber EFI hose thats rated to higher fuel pressures that you could use instead of standard low pressure rubber fuel line or heater hose line. id recommend the higher burst pressure hose as a precaution.