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California Jack
02-18-2008, 11:06
I know there are a lot of forums that have trading sections. If I've never bought or sold on one, how do I go about selling? I won't have any references?

02-18-2008, 11:14
I was just going to post the exact same question. I have an Omega Seamaster in electric blue which I haven't worn in over a year that I'd like to sell, but am very wary about how to go about it so that I do not get ripped off.
Anyone out there have ideas for jack and I?

Thanks in advance

California Jack
02-18-2008, 11:26
Fortunately, I'm not wanting to sell nearly that expensive of a watch.

Any help?

02-18-2008, 18:15
Many, many watches are sold on the several gun forums.

Got any eBay feedback? Or any feedback on

California Jack
02-18-2008, 18:23
No, unfortunately, maybe, I have not sold anything on-line. Nothing. I have one or two positive feedbacks as an ebay buyer, none in the last 6 months however.

.264 magnum
02-19-2008, 22:28
Hi everyone,

I've known Jack via posts here on GT for years. I'd buy from Jack.

BTW, Jack, I saw your post asking about one armed snatches (sound dirty!) but not until many weeks after you posted and then the GT system indicated that you do not accept PMs.

Anyway I still do the one armer's regularly but with very light weights. I think this exercise with anything over about 40/45 queers my back.

What watch are you looking to sell or is a trade possible?

Big Bird
02-20-2008, 17:13
I recently sold my first watch online. I listed it on the Watchuseek and Timezone for sale forums and sold it in a day. I listed Paypal as my preferred method of payment (yeah I know they aren't gun friendly...I was selling a watch and got paid before I sent the watch out. I offered the buyer the opportunity to return the watch and refund his money if he felt the condition was not as advertised. I confirmed with the buyer that he was satisfied when he received the watch. I shipped via priority mail insured with delivery confirmation so there was no way he could claim he never got the watch and if he did I could make a postal insurance claim.

If you have no feedback or reputation I think there are a couple of things you can do to help improve your credibility with perspective buyers. Firstly, you need to have a way for them to pay you with some form of recourse if they might be ripped Paypal. Second, once you establish contact with this person you need to be up front with your name, address, e-mail addy with a real URL, and phone number. If you aren't comfortable doing that I won't do business with you. I'm personally not going to send $10000 or more to an anonymous person with a screen name--I want real name and addy and I want to be able to independently verify you are who you say you you phone number or addy are in the phone book.

For me, those are the criteria I use when doing business with someone online and if I can't get the above info I simply walk away. You give me a PO box or a Hotmail email and I'm done. No offense--you simply don't pass my smell test.

That's how I do it. I've made some very nice purchases and have now sold one watch online. I've never felt I was mislead about the used watches I've bought. Communication is key.

Also realize that some of the people on the watch forums are if you advertise a watch in a given condition be sure you are using something like the Time Zone grading criteria--READ THE CRITERIA. Don't say the watch is 95% if you don't know what that means.

California Jack
02-20-2008, 19:29
Hey mag,

Thanks for the good words, I appreciate it.

I did not know I couldn't/wouldn't accept PMs. I'll check into that.

Sorry to hear about your back issues.

I'll get back later about the watch I'm thinking about selling. It is nothing special.


California Jack
02-20-2008, 20:14
I am considering selling one of these (PRS-11)....

only with an orange dial like this (not my pictue)......

California Jack
02-20-2008, 20:37
big bird-- Thanks for the advice I appreciate it.

I got one chuckle out of one thing though.... I'm personally not going to send $10000 or more to an anonymous person with a screen name

I'm selling only one of my watches, not my entire collection 6 times. :rofl: