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02-23-2008, 13:27
PDF attached has info on the shoot. I am only the messenger here and have nothing to do with the planning/running of this event, so all queries should be directed to the person (club president) noted at the bottom of the PDF via Email.

Also note the following:

- Plan to arrive earlier than 10AM so that they can do registration and go over the range safety rules, so that we can start shooting at close to that 10AM point.

- Register by sending EMAIL to the club president as noted, not by responding here. I don't have any further info than what you see here and he isn't a member here TTBOMK.

- Yes you can bring long guns (pre-ban only if they are AWs per the old Fed Ban . . . note that hi-cap mags follow that same rule-pre-ban only are OK unless you are LEO) into MA as a NON-Resident without a MA NR LTC. Note that in your registration response and he'll fix you up to be legal (there are no exceptions to the AWB in MA other than pre-ban or LEO).

- This is a fun shoot, not your normal match. Last event had ~40 shooters and everyone had a blast. It is LONG guns only.

- Location is Mansfield Fish & Game Club, 510 East St., Mansfield, MA. Entry is via the driveway to the right of the Mansfield DPW Building on Route 106 (easy access from I-95 or I-495). Follow the dirt driveway to the right of the chainlink fence around the DPW yard.

03-03-2008, 12:44
Bump - in case anyone is interested