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06-05-2002, 16:30
Anyone have any info on public access to hunting and fishing near Enid? Is Indian Creek all private property or developed in its upper reaches? Other nearby areas? What are the gun shops in Enid that specialize in hunting arms and supplies? I would appreciate any info or leads.


06-06-2002, 11:16
Once upon a time I lived in Enid and my Father would take me to Canton lake for hunting, fishing and camping. It was good in the 1960s but I haven't been there myself in over 12yrs. It has a Wildlife management area (over 16,000 acres)which goes around the lake and along the North Canadian river. Has lots of turkey and deer!! Good luck in your search for hunting locations. Alan;)

06-06-2002, 13:55
Thanks, Alan. Anyone else familiar with NW Oklahoma?

sooner pete
06-06-2002, 16:02
Arbee I have a hunting cabin in Cleo Springs,just 35 miles nw of enid.The deer hunting is an 10 out of a 1 to 10 scale.Canton lake is a excellent walleye lake. Bills gun shop in Enid will take care of any of your needs.If indian creek is where i think its at,then thats a private game reserve and big bucks galor.I know the area very well,if you could give alittle more info,i mite be of more help.I've hunted in that area for 25 years.what are you going to be doing at indian creek?The national quail hunts are held there ever year and all the pro ball players and hollywood stars come there to hunt.

06-07-2002, 01:38
Sooner Pete --- thanks. You have a PM from me.

06-11-2002, 11:19
Lived in Enid for 21 years. Sooner Pete has given you just about all the info for this area. If I could add just one more and that would be the KAW lake area North East of Ponca City about 45 mi. E. from Enid.
Traders Bend area used to be a good area for deer and birds but that was years ago since I hunted the area. We don't have much competition fo sporting goods in this town so if you want to get something for the best price you may want to do your shopping at Outdoor America in OKC on S. MacArthur blvd. before heading north to Enid usnless you like Walley World. Bill's Outdoor is OK after all it is all we got. By the way, why Enid?:)

06-11-2002, 14:58
Ramjet88 - Thanks for the additional info. I am working on an historical article about the area.

10-14-2002, 21:57
Sooner Pete - Thanks for your past help. I am still making calls and doing research Do you know the area they use for the national quail hunt? Do you know of places, public or private, to hunt for quail in the Enid area.

sooner pete
10-20-2002, 20:06
Originally posted by Arbee
Sooner Pete - Thanks for your past help. I am still making calls and doing research Do you know the area they use for the national quail hunt? Do you know of places, public or private, to hunt for quail in the Enid area.
Hey Arbee,sorry i'am late on this,but i've been bow hunting and come home for afew days.The quail hunt is in the area of indian creek i believe.There's canton area you could hunt,there's alot of room to hunt there with alot of quail in that area.Leaving wed. morn for more bow and black powder hunting.Good luck,Pete

10-20-2002, 22:22
Pete - you've got a PM.

10-25-2002, 22:24

I cowboyed on a ranch in N.W. Oklahoma, and lived there most all my life... If it is "public land," you are looking for. The land at Canton, Ok, is Good, and good turkey hunting. Also, Fort Supply, (5000 acres), outside Woodward, Ok. I can tell you there are plenty of turkey, and some very nice deer there.

I have guided hunts for almost 30 years. Most all of it on private ranch land.. but am familiar with almost every bush in N.W. Oklahoma.

These are the two suggestions for 'public hunting.'

BTW... The bucks up around Woodward, Ok. can run very big.
The largest i Have taken there, "off the ranch," was 16 points, dressed over 200 pounds, his brow tines were 14" long, and the base of his antlers were unbelieveable!

This is not "even" the largest buck we have seen at home. This kind of deer is not uncommon at all for that area, and in the canyons especially.

I am in Tx. for now, one of my brother's has a ranch here in W. Tx.
But, cannot wait to go home.


Cruising GT tonight out of sheer bordem!


10-26-2002, 01:05
CanyonMan - Thanks for the info. I didn't realize the deer ran that big up there. I am sending you a PM, too.

10-26-2002, 22:33

Please remember, that like anywhere else, there are also, some 'not so big deer as well.' ha.

But, on the average, most bucks will dress around 150/160, ( in the canyons and ranch/s we hunt), but, then again, there are 'plenty' of very huge trophy's here as well, very huge! 180/190 + dressed, is not uncommon in the canyon range, and we do see 200+ dressed. Most of these are very heavy beams, with incredible spreads.

There is a lot of inter-bred, mule deer, with whitetail, and this accounts for the huge body mass, and antler size on these deer.
Plus the fact, that they are feeding real well on tons of milo.

I got your PM. you got (2), on the way.