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06-07-2002, 17:41
Yup, finally made it :D

First, I need to state that I am now also a member of the Order of The One-Glock-of-Each-Flavor Brother&Sisterhood! Yes, I definately like my G26, but I also want a .40 cal, the G22*!!!! (I think that's right? *G22/.40cal?)

Outdoor range, but not unpleasant under shade cover w/gentle breeze blowing.... EXCELLENT INSTRUCTOR who shall remain nameless but is known to most here :) I wasn't watching my watch, but he spent a good solid hour+ at least beginning at the beginning with me, and when it was time for me to actually shot - I actually put the first one right through the center, and had a good pattern throughout (excepting about 3 'strays' which landed in the outter rings). Began at 5 yrds., I think, ended up at either 10 or 15, and still shot good patterns :) I was really surprised, and despite his positive and supportive feedback, I'm sure the lion's share of credit goes to my instructor :)

Observations about my 26: since I have truly pigmy hands, the thickness of the grip part right where it fits into the 'V' between thumb & 1st finger is troublesome. My hand would have to rotate a good couple of inches to my left in order to actually get my shooting thumb into the recessed thumb place. Must get extension for the mag release lever - GADS that thing is stiff. I was totally unable to depress it with one hand, that being the gun hand ;Q I would also do better with positioning my grip & hands if the grip section was about 1" longer.

What a difference proper body positioning makes in both recoil/trigger management AND accuracy! I was conscious of just how different that is from typical, female, non-shooter posture. Almost the complete opposite of 'stand up straight, shoulders back, tummy sucked in......' hehe.... By comparison, I think by default I must have looked, initially & until shown & corrected, like an Irish hardshoe dancer in competition pose.

I actually found the first shot um... er... can't quite put it into words - uncomfortable, perhaps? This being as compared to subsequent shots from the same mag but while maintaining the proper 'trigger control' so I don't have to 'take up all that slack' in each subsequent shot. I'm sure this will pass with time & practice.... but that 1st shot feels almost like work compared to not having to accomodate the trigger 'slack' in the successive shots.

I really was surprised at my accuracy, tho. I hadn't shot anything since 1986 or 1987, and then it was my .38 Colt snubby just out in the desert w/no formal training and so on. I wonder if our 'intuition' has anything to do with being able, with eyes closed, move head and extended arms w/gun in the right from left to right a couple times - and then line up on where I 'think' the target is, then open eyes and see how far off I was (which wasn't much!)

Man oh man, I sure did like my Trainer's .40 cal G22(?).... seemed so much smoother than my shorter-barreled G26. He said 'that gun didn't move at all!' after I took my first shot with his .40 :) I got the G26 specifically for eventual conceal purposes, and being a midget ;a I am sure one larger would never for for IWB concealed carry - but oh my I NOW know why one simply must have at least one Glock of each size and caliber! :)

I anticipated the likelihood of wrist/arm/elbow pain after shooting a while, as these are post-surgical and permanent problem areas for me, but oddly, I seemed to only get a 'knot' in the middle of my left shoulder. Right arm nerve path hurt some a few hours later, but nothing as bad as say, after heavy yard work or when I have a significant flareup.

So....... somebody alert GaryF. that "yes, MBG26 actually did finally shoot that Glock!" ;3 ;l ;f

Now I simply must go lust after some more Glocks on the Net :)

06-07-2002, 17:52
;J ;J ;J

I don't mind taking some of the credit here, but I think that you deserve most of the credit for being open-minded and taking instruction well. You did look a bit like a tin soldier until you got into a good, aggresive stance;). Oh, and FWIW, now I'm wishing I had the scratch for a Glock 26;f.

06-07-2002, 17:53
As far as your stance, did you notice a tendency to start swiveling your hip and moving your right foot further back behind you?

I've been shooting Weaver stance for over 2 years now and after a battery of shooting, I wind up with left foot more forward, right foot more back, which makes it difficult to sweep left for danger. However, I've noticed so many women doing this that I wonder if it's got something to do with our figures. Since the majority of teachers are male, and the majority of shooters are male, it wouldn't surprise me if this is an issue that hasn't been addressed before.

In terms of basic balance, women balance from the hips and men balance from the shoulder. So it makes sense that men using the Weaver stance would feel balanced, and women would feel more balanced using the forward/back stance I described.

Aside from that, keep shootin', it gets easier over time. I couldn't believe how hard a .45 kicked the first time I did it, and now I don't even flinch (unless it's .45 +P, which is a whole 'nother story).

I'm glad to hear some range info on a G26; I'm looking at buying one used in July because I'm sick of carrying my 19 and want something smaller - hey, you know what the weather is like here.

As far as the grip width, you might want to consider one of the slimline Glocks (can't remember the number). They have, IIRC, more slender grips than the standard Glock chunkies.

Gary F
06-07-2002, 21:31
the only slimline glock that i've heard of is the glock 36 (.45acp).
CONGRATULATIONS MB-G26 ! Now remember to drop the magazine ... then rack the slide several times while checking the feedramp & chamber visually .... to make sure the gun is unloaded before you go to clean the gun!
as i mentioned in response to your PM ... i'd check out a few other glocks before impulsively getting a .40 cal glock. the .40 cal glocks i've shot are pretty darn "snappy" & would require a fair amount of practice for you to use it effectively in a self-defense (high adrenaline) scenario. As you mention having small hands, you may want to check out the glock 36!
peace, gary

06-08-2002, 00:37
G&KL: I find myself bringing my feet even with each other. My first instructor used to be hardcore Weaver and has morphed into a modified isoceles. He started me off with my right foot back about 3-4", but I felt really off balance. Now I have something that looks like the beginning of a squat and have just gotten used to the top heavy feeling.

Speaking of, I should go practice, but I don't think I have the energy...


06-08-2002, 13:51
Congrats. Glad to hear you had a great time and great patterns. The only thing I have ever shot is Glocks. I haven't shot that much though. I think having a great instructor helps too. I shot an IDPA match today and if this guy that was ROing had been there when I first started shooting, I don't think I would have gone back. He was intimidating and made me nervous. So nervous that the others in my squard could see the barrel shaking. Everyone else I have had the pleasure of meeting has been friendly, encouraging and helpful. I'm glad those other are few and far between.
As for my stance, I shoot with my right foot back slightly. I am a lefty so I don't know if that has anything to do with it. The only instructor I have had is my husband.(He is not a real instructor) But he is patient and does not yell.

06-08-2002, 15:12
You did look a bit like a tin soldier until you got into a good, aggresive stance
I had a good, effective, patient and CLEAR teacher :)
As for my 'default' stance.... does a background of ballet, Irish dance, and societal indoctrination tell you anything :)

As far as your stance, did you notice a tendency to start swiveling your hip and moving your right foot further back behind you?

G&KL, I don't think so, but SGIAT could say for sure. One thing I did find odd about the range set-up, the alignment of the target backer things relative to the concrete tables. Clarification: the yellow line runs down the middle of like a quadruple-or-more wide 'sidewalk' of sorts, under fixed shade cover. The tables are nearly against the red line, on the side of the yellow which is closest to the actual shooting/target area. I would have thought the tables w/have been offset (they aren't moveable) so that one can stand in a straight line to face their target - but they are lined up exactly straight across from the target stand locations. This means to stand and shoot, I was already offset at an angle from being 'straight across' from my target.

What SGIAH had me do was stand to the left of our table (so I was to the left of my target a bit and the table was on my right, next to me on my right) (behind the red of course, doiiiiiii :) He had me do the proper steps for preparing to draw the weapon, then do so and visually line up my target, mentally fix on it, then close my eyes and do the left/right/closed-eyes sweep, returning to where I felt (thought) my target was. Based on doing this a few times, he saw that I needed to rotate my lower body a bit to my left and 'back', move feet & body from being 100% perpendicular to the red line, to having my left foot 'slightly to the rear' and my right foot somewhat more forward and closer to a 'sloppy perpendicular'. After than I tried to stay put. My only intended movement was to (with helpful reminders :) lean IN, rather than tin soldier stiff back'ing it, and properly adjust my weight placement w/regard to my feet.

I am definately interested in the 'slimline' Glocks...... is that aspect obvious from their names or is it something I'd need to look for in individual specs? When I got the 26, the only other one they had was either a 17 or a 19? - whichever one is basically a 26 but w/about 1" more in the barrel, also a 9mm I believe. I do remember the larger one 'felt' better, and the grip of the 26 'felt fat' - but since I was shopping specifically for future conceal purposes, I went w/the 26.

Ya know, if you ever make that trip to Sedona, that's close enough to Phx we could plan to meet up somewhere and you can shoot my 26 to your heart's desire :)

Gary: I shall go 'webbing' for images of the 36. Being a ".45 acp" means what all, as compared to SGIAH's .40 cal? He mentioned that some people object to the 'recoil' of the .40, but for whatever reason, it seemed more smooth overall than my 26, and actually less, um, er..... 'agressive'? NOT to worry about unloading before cleaning, or UNloading before doing ANYthing with it. Decades ago, in high school, I missed having my head literally blown apart by a student moron who forgot to remove the chambered round from his .44 automag before pointing and dry firing. The round which missed by head by about 5-6" took out an upstairs speaker..... all I know is simulaneously with the BOOOOM!!!!! my face was in carpet. Not something I'll ever forget.

Glockmom & Goddess: I haven't looked into the named stances, but what SGIAH set me up in definately felt comfortable (setting aside my default tendancy to straight back it and to lean back). What is "ROing"?

06-09-2002, 00:26
Range Officer.
He's the one that explains the stage (scenario). He then times you and makes sure you complete the stage in a safe manner. Then he scores the targets. Between GSSF and IDPA they have all been very nice. Except this one.
I know some people who live in Glendale are you near there?

06-09-2002, 15:41
Ahhhhhhh... Range Officer - now it makes sense :)

No, I'm not near Glendale, actually. I'm on the complete opposite side of the valley, all the way east to the Reservation line - and somewhat south (on an alignment) of Glendale.

06-10-2002, 00:15
My company has an office in PHX. I'll let you know next time I'm in town for more than a day and I'll be happy to poke holes in targets with you!


06-10-2002, 13:24
Sounds like a plan! Between now and say...... oh...... 'December', you'd likely prefer a night or indoor shoot (Az summer days are fit only for reptilians) :)
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06-11-2002, 17:18
I am soooo happy you did well and had great instruction and liked your glock. I would second that the 40 is a snappy round and in many ways can be more difficult than the push of a 45 acp ( auto colt pistol ) . I have a glock 36 and like it a lot. The issue is a hard trigger pull stock and some recoil because of the light weight and short barrel. The accuracy will knock you out... and you would be able to get a better hand hold on it because of it's size. I would think trying a 19 and trying a 19 without the finger grooves would be both worth your time and might find that perfect balance of size to get your hands on, without too much weight or recoil.
A really good practice technique is to be sure the glock is unloaded and set a used brass case on top of the glock, as you pull the trigger the brass should not fall or move, the gun holding and the trigger pulling muscles are supposed to not notice each other. You might want to keep an empty magazine to use to lock the gun open.... it will make it easier to load if hand or arm strength is an issue. Q

06-15-2002, 09:36
Just an added thought gained from taking a female friend, first timer to the range a few days ago. The post about that is over on the General Glocking board. She was having probs manipulating the slide release as well, so I went back to what I had been taught about Glock shooting. That is, use the weak hand to reach over the top, grasp the back of the slide and release it. The "Slingshot Method" as people like to call it. I found that it is faster, easier and does not force the shooter to cant the weapon to actuate the catch, which I might add...Glock says is a slide catch, not a slide release:) jeremy

06-19-2002, 23:21
As I understand it, it's a slide LOCK, not a slide release. Jeremy is right on this. I don't know why so many folks think it's a release and are unhappy when it doesn't function as such. I've had several handgun courses and never have any of these trainers suggested that the best way to operate the slide is any other than by what Jeremy calls the slingshot method.

(not that i'm not guilty of occassionally using my slide lock in the manner in which it wasn't necessarily intended!) :)