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03-10-2008, 08:21

03-18-2008, 20:18
I got a good look at Crazy Horse once. One morning sometime mid 1990's before Kissimmee was towered, I had just finished my runup at the end of 33 in a c150, and Crazy Horse wizzed past me and stopped at the hold short line. I guess it was Lee Lauderback up front, I was obliged to wait as he did a quick run up in front of me. I got eye contact with the gray haired man in the back when he turned around to look at the little bug smasher behind him. The prop wash rocked me and my first time flyer passenger around pretty good.

Lee made a quick call out on the CTAF and departed even quicker. The cool factor of watching the P51 was dampened by his poor courtesy.

I sure miss my flying days...