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03-13-2008, 10:13
Did anybody personally know the folks involved in yesterday's McComb shooting?

March 13, 2008
Gunman starts rampage in bank

Ex-wife, her friend, would-be rescuer die

A recently divorced man went on a shooting rampage in McComb on Wednesday, killing an employee and customer at the bank where his ex-wife worked, abducting and killing her and then shooting himself, police said.

The gunman, Robert Lanham Jr. of McComb, died at Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center after crashing his truck in Magnolia, some 10 miles from the bank.

His ex-wife, Rachel Lanham, was found dead on the side of U.S. 51 about four miles south of McComb.

Regions Bank branch employee Ronnie Larrimore also was killed. He and the slain woman worked together and were close friends, according to his pastor.

The slain customer was identified as James “Jimmie” Fayard. He was killed while trying to come to the aid of Rachel Lanham, police said.

Nora Johnson, wife of McComb Selectman Melvin Joe Johnson, said the event will impact the entire town.

“It’s frightening, you can’t even go to the bank,” Johnson said.

Nearly two weeks ago, three people were critically injured in a similar incident in Columbus.

“You’re going to find that people (in McComb) are going to be in shock. People are going to be stunned and their sense of reality shaken,” Columbus Police Chief Joe St. John said.

At 11:09 a.m., Robert Lanham entered the main office of Regions Bank on Main Street looking for his ex-wife, according to police.

Robert Lanham shot Larrimore before grabbing Rachel Lanham, shooting Fayard and forcing her to leave with him, McComb Assistant Police Chief Gregory Martin said.

About 15 minutes after authorities found Rachel Lanham dead on U.S. 51, authorities found Robert Lanham in his wrecked truck on Prewett Street in Magnolia.

“(Robert Lanham) apparently had shot himself while going down the street,” Police Chief Billie Hughes said. He died after being taken to the hospital, according to Pike County Coroner Percy Pittman.

Hughes said a 9 mm handgun was found with Robert Lanham.

“We hadn’t heard a thing until we saw a bunch of police cars zooming down Main Street,” said Beverly Welch, owner of Twice is Nice on Main Street. “I wanted to see what was going on, so I stepped outside. There was a police officer running up the street toward us telling everyone to get back inside, and we did.”

Welch said they watched from the window as several ambulances pulled up to the bank.

“It’s a very sad day for the Regions family,” said Tim Deighton, spokesman for Regions Bank, adding that their hearts and prayers are with the families of those involved.

“Something like this is extremely rare, particularly in the history of Regions,” Deighton said.

Martin said detectives would not speculate on the motive in the slayings.

The Lanhams, married in 1999, separated one year ago today, and their divorce became final in August, according to Amite County Chancery Court records.

She was the plaintiff and cited “irreconcilable differences” as grounds for the divorce.
They had no children together.

The divorce included a large settlement in which Rachel Lanham retained the couple’s property, about 53 acres in Amite County. She was to pay her ex-husband $60,000 as property settlement.

Edward Hughes, funeral director at Hartman-Hughes Funeral Home, attended Tylertown Baptist Church with Larrimore.

Larrimore, he said, was recently divorced and the father of two young boys with whom he spent a great deal of time. Larrimore, who faithfully attended church Wednesdays and Sundays, was very active with the children’s group at the church.

Buddy Day, pastor at Tylertown Baptist Church said Larrimore and Rachel Lanham were friends who came to church together “on occasion.” He said they were both in church on Sunday.

“He was a wonderful person. The type of individual that once you meet, you feel like you’ve known him forever,” Day said.

McComb resident Johnny Mabry, 26, said “sad” is the first word that came to mind when he heard about the incident.

“It definitely makes you want to call your family and tell them that you love them,” Mabry said. “I intend to tell my nephews about it and encourage them to be a whole lot nicer to everybody. You never wish this on anybody.”

In the Columbus shootings, 70-year-old Lennell Hearn wounded three people, including his wife and a police officer, during a shooting outside a shopping center, police said.

Hearn was later shot by Columbus police after fleeing the scene in a police car.

Hearn, his wife, the officer and the two bystanders have all been released from the hospital, said St. John.

He said that since the Columbus shooting, the mentality in the town went from “not here,” to “it really can happen to them.”

“Law enforcement is going to have to accept that this is our reality. No matter where you live, no matter where you work,” St. John said.

“We have to do everything we can to prepare for situations like this because this is the reality, and we’re having to deal with it on a lot more frequent basis.”

03-13-2008, 11:58
I don't know any of them, but it sounds like the ex was upset about his wife leaving him, and (possibly) starting a new relationship with a new man. Reading between the lines, it appears that Mr. Larrimore was specifically targeted, as was the suspects ex-wife. Sad situation, but I suppose it is good that the suspect took himself out and saved alot of time and money for the state.

03-13-2008, 18:48
I don't know any of them, but it sounds like the ex was upset about his wife leaving him, and (possibly) starting a new relationship with a new man. Reading between the lines, it appears that Mr. Larrimore was specifically targeted, as was the suspects ex-wife. Sad situation, but I suppose it is good that the suspect took himself out and saved alot of time and money for the state.

don't know them, but do work for the same company.

03-18-2008, 22:54
My girlfriend is from Summit (which is very close to McComb) and I have a few other friends from down there. Everything I have heard was Larrimore was a great guy who was divorced with two young boys. Word around town was the Female and Larrimore may have been seeing each other at the time and he was targeted like Ox said. The other man attempted to stop the Ex-husband from taking the female and he was shot too. They are saying she may not have been shot but could have suffered injuries when she jumped or was pushed out of the vehicle but I am not sure if that has been confirmed or not yet. He shot himself driving by Magnolia and his truck wrecked after he shot himself. This is all hearsay/gossip from around McComb so take it for what it is worth. I will call my buddy tomorrow that lives down there and try to get a more accurate account.

03-18-2008, 22:56
Per the daily Legend:
Four people are dead, including the gunman, after a Wednesday domestic dispute that began in a McComb bank, Pike County officials said.
Pike County Coroner Percy Pittman identified the dead as Rachel J. Lanham, bank employee Ronnie Larrimore, customer James Frederick Fayard and gunman Robert Lanham, all of McComb.

McComb Police Chief Billie Hughes told the Associated Press that Robert Lanham walked into the Regions Bank on Main Street, where his ex-wife Rachel Lanham worked, shortly after 11 a.m. Officials said Lanham fatally shot Larrimore and Fayard before taking Rachel Lanham hostage.

Pittman said Robert Lanham died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head that he sustained while driving.

Although early reports indicated Rachel Lanham was harmed and dumped out of the vehicle on the side of Highway 51, Pittman said she appears to have died from the impact of the vehicle's collision with a tree. He said the car door was open, and that she may have actually been trying to escape the vehicle at the time of the collision.

"The car hit that cedar tree and she looked like she was ejected," Pittman said.