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03-15-2008, 16:16
During my first draft of the plot outline, I included a subplot that focused on the protagonist and events he was involved in several years prior to the main plot. This subplot explained his flaw and was meant to generate sympathy towards the character. It makes him appear more human and openly exhibits his human flaws, which I felt was a positive element.

My question to some of you, specifically those that are published (Sgt. Rambo :wavey:), if if this element of the novel is vital. It is a bit of an action-adventure, but I still want it to be a piece with meaning to it. Do you think this is a good adition to the story or just something to deter some of the more hardcore action readers?

I thought I also should add that this will be the only consistent subplot throughout the novel. There are several other chapters devoted to other character or events added to better explain the series of events, but none will occur more than once or twice.