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03-15-2008, 20:31
He is 22 years old.
He graduated from high school.
He followed in his step-father's footsteps ... and was a maintenance guy at an apartment complex.

He is the oldest of my wife's sister. His father turned out to be a decent enough guy, but at the time was just a horny kid in high school.

He did not tell anyone until the day before he was to report to basic.
He's in basic now, and will, if the army can make a man out of him, be going thence to artillery.

Now, if only his kid brother can aspire to follow in the "decent enough guy" path of his genetic father. I'm worried about that kid.

the iceman
03-15-2008, 23:47
He'll be ok! Much much better than what most the youths do these days!

The army made me who I am today and I don't regret a day!

03-16-2008, 08:45
the military was very good to me. i just finished up 20 yrs. and do not regret a minute of it.

03-16-2008, 08:55
Artillery is generally not bad duty. I hope he does well at it.

Hint: FDC is a lot nicer job than ammo juggling. If he's even a little nerdy he might have a shot at it. It matters, too.

03-16-2008, 09:24
Ah, a 13series...off to Fort Sill he goes. Wish him the best.

03-17-2008, 16:39
Where'd he go to BASIC. My cousin went to Leonard Wood on the 12th. Military Police OSUT training.

03-23-2008, 14:45
Well the army has something for everyone

03-26-2008, 02:36
Fort Sill sucks, 13 series are all combat mos except 13whiskeys i believe which are meteorologists. Sill is either cold or hot as possible, or cold in the morning and hot in the day. Either way I hated it and everyone I talk to hates it. It was still fun though :rofl: