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03-19-2008, 14:41
So I was looking for a thread to post something like this in so here it goes. Post up all of your Xbox360 gamer tags here and lets see if we can all join a game and play. Just to name the games I play online for now, Call of Duty4 and Army of Two. Until I get some extra money up soon to be Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. My 360 gamer tag is Blderunner. Hope to see you all soon. If you add me please send me a message stating that you are from these forums as well so I don't just deny the request. Thanks.

03-20-2008, 00:34
EAJUGGALO-Right now I'm playing CoD4, I won't touch Rainbow Six Vegas 2 just because of the mockery it's made out of the G18, who would ruin such a wonderful gun with Kommiefornia mags.

Scottsdale Thug
03-26-2008, 17:35
My GT is the same as my GT username Scottsdale Thug.

I have been playing a lot of COD4 and H3. Mostly shooters lately. Can't wait for GTA. I am curious to see what they do with the multiplayer.


03-26-2008, 23:04
hey all, I currently play a lot of COD4 and H3. My gamer tag is "Techno Biker" i got the ring of death so i will not be on for about a month.