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unit 900
03-24-2008, 16:30
Resized, not manipulated. How's it look?

03-24-2008, 16:50
First of all, how did you get kitty to stay put where you you needed her and for that long? :supergrin:

Great concept but it's not working completely, yet some of it is. I am going to try explaining this but I most likely will bungle what I mean (I have a major migraine right now).

The leading lines of the floor are awesome. It not only draws the eye to kitty, it adds some interest to the depths of the shadows.

The isolation of kitty and her rug is perfect. Placed perfectly and I really like the size in relation to the overall image. The rug in front of kitty is too blown. I know you want the floor that light but I think it is the textures of the rug around it that make it a problem: I can tell it is a patterned Oriental but in front of kitty it is nothing but white.

Kitty is still partly lost in the shadows. What that is showing isn't exposed in a way to bring out her colors, patterns and shape. Kitty is a partly striped blob instead of a graceful creature.

Now how to expose kitty more and keep the surrounding area underexposed is beyond me.

I am not familiar with Nikons, what is a D40x? SLR or (advanced) point and shoot?

I see you shot at f/3.8, 1/20, 200 in "normal program" but I am unsure if that was camera chosen as I am also seeing "auto exposure" in the exif.

If you did the setting manually, I would shoot again and bump up the shutter speed a tad. Also, this would be a great shot for HDR, if kitty would cooperate. That would keep the shadows and allow you to bring out more of kitty once it was merged.

I hope I made a little sense. :)

03-24-2008, 16:51
One more thing: get the stuff off the coffee table! Dark objects won't be a problem but the lighter things on there draw my eye away from kitty.

unit 900
03-24-2008, 17:08
Thanks for the well considered critique. Little Lovebug was enjoying some slanting rays of sun that came in through a glass door pane. I had to grab and shoot quickly, but used the Nikon D40x and was able to under expose by using the exposure control wheel. I may set the background clutter up better in case the unlikely combination of motionless cat and sunlight converge again. :thumbsup: OTOH, perhaps a little judicious cropping might work as well.

03-24-2008, 17:13
I'll bet you glued that cat in place. :shocked:

03-24-2008, 19:01
Overall, nice photo. The background is a bit distracting. A little too much foreground. I'd crop it quite a bit closer and black out the background. Also try to bring out some more detail in the carpet and highlights in the shadow on the front side of the cat.

03-24-2008, 22:06
The D40X is a DSLR.

I like the effort.