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03-28-2008, 17:48
I am looking at my father's DD214 done about 30 years ago.

Under Primary Specialty Number it lists the following:

57315 680812 CML CBT Service SPT OFFICER

Does anyone have a the magic decoding ring? I think I have the title figured out but I don'tknow what the numbers mean.

04-25-2008, 14:00
I assume you are looking in box 11. Sorry I can't help you. In my box 11 it list MOS 11B10 Infantryman. I don't see an MOS in your list.

the iceman
04-26-2008, 22:53
You can contact Veterans Affairs and they will gladly help you out with your question.

I wish I could help but like Dribak, mine says 11B10.