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03-30-2008, 20:51
I've always wanted to carry a larger pistol for CCW but everything I've tried so far "prints" like mad. Does anyone have a decent collection of hosters and/or some tips? I'm on the heavy side and that could be part of the problem. It certainly hurts some of my options.

I was just hoping there was a way for me to save some time and money because trying out all of the many hosters out there that promise the world can get pretty expensive at $60 to $150 a pop.

I'm up the Longmont area but visit Ft. Collins and Denver somewhat often. And don't worry . . . I'm not going to want to try your "Thunderwear" or any of those similar methods!! :wow::whistling::tongueout:


03-30-2008, 23:37
I am somewhat overweight myself. The love handles are a real pain. One holster that lets you carry damn near any gun you want, is this.

I wear an white cotton tshirt under the holster, then the holster on top of the tshirt, then a dress shirt over the holster. Very comfy, and you crawl under desks and what not without losing the gun (which i have to do at my job). Has only one downside, its a slow draw compared to your normal IWB/ OWB holsters.

03-31-2008, 00:03
Thanks. I have one of those and that's how I've been carrying my Kahr P9 (and before that a PPK/S) for the past several years. I couldn't make it print if I wanted to. It's extremely well concealed but extremely slow for the draw.

But I don't believe I'll have the same success with the G19 in that . . . I wanted to try something else . . . preferably a waist level, real holster carry.

I followed the advice of Steve in Jensens . . . I put on a t-shirt with a camp shirt over it. Just standing there I was fine . . . but if I bent down even a little, I looked like I had one of those shields from the movie "300" clipped to my hip. That and a brisk walk showed all when the breeze moved the shirt. I've been eyeing the CTAC (?) tuckable model and some other IWB's but according to Steve, those won't work well with my body type.

03-31-2008, 10:21
I can use a CTAC, just BARELY.... If I were to put on a tad bit more weight, I'd be SOL...

I carry a G26 in the holster I linked to above. I doubt a G19 would be any harder to carry. But your not joking about that draw time though...

Never a perfect solution, is there?

03-31-2008, 20:20
I carry a G19 in a CTAC, located in Westminster if you're ever are in the area.

I'm 6'3" 220 fwiw

04-01-2008, 19:49
Thanks. I may take you up on that. However, I'm about 25 pounds heavier and barelyt 5'11" !!