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Dave C
04-13-2008, 20:15
I can find the MA gun General LAWS easily on the internet, but not the Attorney Generals 1998 Regulations regarding sales. I have heard and been advised that it is okay to buy FTF post ban Glocks, and I know Dealers can't sell them, but where can I find the language that identifies that FTF sales of post ban Glocks are okay to sell and buy.

When I google AG 1998 Gun Regs I get articles that say how stupid and transparent these regulations are as gun banning tools. In these articles they refer to it being illegal to TRANSFER these post ban (Glocks) guns, but because it's not the actual legal language of the regulations I can't see what these regulations really say

Any help is appreciated.


Dave C

04-14-2008, 07:25

You will never find any law/reg that says "it's OK to purchase a Glock FTF", as no such thing exists.

If you read the law and regs, you will see that they were written as a restriction on "purveyors" (licensed dealers) ONLY. Thus, mere subjects are free to trade any brands/models that they own.

I'm pretty sure that the AG Regs are online, but the new AG re-did the entire website and thus old links are non-functional. I'm working remotely off a laptop with a slow link today, so you'll need to do your own searching.

Dave C
04-14-2008, 10:48
Thank you for your reply. It confirms that I am not a complete idiot for not being able to easily find and understand the whole mess.

Dave C

04-14-2008, 13:48
The MA Attorney General's 'Consumer Protecton' regulations can be viewed at's+Regulations&sid=Cago&b=terminalcontent&f=government_Regulations_940CMR16&csid=Cago

04-14-2008, 15:19

Glad to help.

Thanks too to MiniGlock for filling in the link.