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06-19-2002, 03:17
If The Phone Company Ran A Restaurant

1515 Peachtree St.
Atlanta, GA 30399


Cod steak: $8.17
French fries: $2.01
Peas: $1.40

Limited Meal Service: $30.85

Knife: $0.60 Fork: $3.17 Metal Cutlery with Handles:
$6.20 Table
Access Charge: $1.19 Chair Maintenance Plan: $2.95
Menu Listing Service: $0.49
Bell Atlantic Condiments and Sauces (detail below):

Federal Fish Tax: $0.62
Local Menu Readability: $0.23
Chair-Falling-Over Insurance: $2.78

TOTAL: $61.77

Itemized Condiments and Sauces:
With Limited Meal Service you pay a fixed nightly rate
for air
and water at your table. Note: Save 40% on air after
Consult your menu for condiment and sauce rates.

Item Number of ml Rate per ml Amount
Ketchup 10 0.03 0.30
Salt 10 .01 0.01
Tartar 20 0.04 0.80
Total 1.11

Rest Room Usage:
#1 .10 per use (urinal)
#2 .25 per use (commode)
Note: Due to the non-discriminatory policy, women are
the #2 commode rate for #1.

Deodorizer for #2 use: .10
Hand Wash .02
Hand Dry (Paper Towel) .03
Hand Dry (Blower) .01
Mirror Use .01
Note: Tuesdays and Thursdays are "Bring a friend free"
to the
restroom days. All other days accompanying friends

Optional Spill and Breakage Coverage:
With the optional 2.95 spill and breakage coverage, if
you spill
or break anything, you will be covered and there will
be no
additional cost to you. Otherwise, spill cleanup will
be billed
at standard union rates and dishes charged at normal
Bell South

06-19-2002, 12:55
Yo Dude, You got that right! Don't forget the $75 per 15 min. interval for the wait staff to greet and seat you.;f