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Mrs. Tink
04-18-2008, 23:37
Hi ladies,

Got my issue of America's 1st Freedom in the mail, and it outlined an awesome-sounding program!!

Here's part of the description...

"No experience is necessary, and all firearms and ammunition are provided for you. You'll learn to shoot rifle silhouette, scoped/tactical carbine, long-range high power rifle, conventional and tactical pistol, historic firearms, shotgun (trap or skeet), and archery. Outdoor activities being planned will feature camping, survival training, game calling, game habitat and tracking, hunter education, and western cowgirl history. It's a hands-on learning experience just for you. You may even spend an evening camped out under the Rocky Mountain stars on a mock big game hunt, if the weather is favorable."

I applied for an elk tag this year, and I'm hoping to attend this so I'm not totally clueless when we go with our friends. Plus getting a chance to shoot historic firearms and other stuff! It sounds like FUN! Total cost including meals, lodging and all of the ammo, firearms, etc.: $975. Screaming deal in my opinion.

Just wanted to post this and get it out there for all of you, too. It doesn't say you have to be an NRA member... not sure. The web site has a link to request more info and an "application."



04-21-2008, 13:36
I hope many of you take advantage of the (what is it, NINE days?) opportunity. $$ I donate to the Whittington facility would be validated if someone would just report back as to how it improved their QoL in terms of the outdoors and firearms experience. What a place, and they've got the room Lord knows - I think running a 50BMG match down there is called "plinking"...

Have fun!