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04-21-2008, 16:41

I bought some K-Var furniture for my AK and it should arrive in a few days.

I tried to take the wood furniture off of my AK, and I am having no luck whatsoever. Instead of continuing to try to get a handle on this process, I'd much prefer to defer to an expert in my area. I live in Glen Mills, PA and would be willing to pay somebody to change out my AK furniture. Thanks a bunch!


04-22-2008, 20:08
Hi Dan check out some of these sites. Hope this helps.

05-14-2008, 20:53
Hi dan, what is the problem? i might be able to talk you through it, i hate to see someone have to pay for something that for the most part can be done quite easily, i take that its the front handguard that is giving you the problem, if so get a 16oz hammer and a flat head screwdriver, first you flip and line up the gas block release, the gas block should pop off quite easily,(MAKE NOTE THOUGH THAT GUN MUST BE FIELD STRIPPED FIRST AND FOREMOST) then on the lower hand guard you will see a small lever, take the flat head screwdriver and lift the lever up and over, then with the hammer gently TAP off the front clamp(DONT WORRY ABOUT HITTING IT WITH A HAMMER YOU WILL NOT HURT IT AS LONG AS YOU ARE GENTLY RAPPING IT) the new furniture will most likely drop right in, it is alot easier than one might think, if you have any question shoot me a pm and i will gladly help you out. Cocked@Locked