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06-19-2002, 23:58 Robber dies after being sat on

Police in Maryland say a man who tried to rob a store died after a customer sat on him.

James Thompson was pronounced dead minutes after officers arrived at the scene.

He was sat on by a six foot two man who weighed 280 pounds after he was spotted stuffing packs of cigarettes into a bag.

Police say they have launched an investigation in to the death.

Diane Richardson, a Prince George's County police spokeswoman, said: "Thompson said to them to back off, that he had a gun and that he had recently come out of jail and wouldn't be going back."

The Washington Post reports that as he argued with a member of staff the customer went across and helped to restrain him.

Officers only realised he was dead as they started to handcuff him. Police say they recovered a knife, not a gun, from his body.

Story filed: 23:27 Tuesday 18th June 2002

I wonder if the customer had a "license to carry" his weapon?

Steve Koski
06-20-2002, 14:40
He should have know those cigarettes would kill him sooner or later.