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04-26-2008, 13:30
Air Canada and other North American airlines will be charging $25.00 for a 2nd luggage starting next month. This won't affect business class passengers in the case of Air Canada.

US Airways is also thinking of charging an additional $5.00 for an aisle or a window seat, which I find absurd.

I hope this would be useful for our Filipino-based BOGs travelling to North America. It would be wise to check your airline's policies before travelling just to make sure.

04-27-2008, 02:02
I believe this is now applicable for travel down under as well. I couldnt believe it myself but I suppose this is their answer to sky rocketing jet fuel prices

04-27-2008, 09:27
A dollar for a cup of water ?

04-27-2008, 22:08
A dollar for a cup of water ?

Well, Cebu Pacific now makes you pay for the snacks.... P50 for a cup of coffee.:upeyes: I'm taking PAL from now on; discounted price is even less than the usual government employee discount and less than Cebu Pacific, plus I was hit with 3-hour delays in two separate Cebu Pacific flights.:steamed: And PAL snacks are great.

Thing is, it's best to take the bigger planes; the smaller Airbuses are hard on people with beer bellies like me as the tray hits it.:supergrin:

As to the $25 for extra luggage, perhaps it would discourage people from staying in the aisles longer stowing their baggage, to the consternation of the people behind them...:upeyes:

04-27-2008, 22:39
plus I was hit with 3-hour delays in two separate Cebu Pacific flights.

A friend who used to be a CEB pilot resigned in what he told us "stretching the resources to the maximum."

Schedules were increased without adding planes, and to him, it was dangerous. He said that if one airplane is having problems, all flights are delayed because there is no spare aircraft. The mechanics are also pressured to get the erring airplane on the air as fast as they could.

I took CEB from Cebu to Bacolod; I didn't want to take Air Phil because they have old aircraft (B737-200) servicing that route. I wasn't impressed with CEB's service. The flight attendants as well as the ground crew weren't as friendly and accomodating as PAL's.

05-06-2008, 23:10
Continental AIrlines has just announced they will charge the extra $25 as well for second luggage. Hirap na talaga ngayon.