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05-03-2008, 16:39
I've done just a tiny bit of research and the Canon SX100IS has caught my eye.

Anyone have one? What do you think?

Is there a better alternative in the same price range?

The features I'm looking for:
8x or greater optical zoom.
Image Stabilizer
Macro setting
Faster shutter speed and writing to the memory as not to miss those "oh so important" moments.
The ability to make small digital movies.

I'm willing to go up to around $350 to get something that will be able to do all of it.

Any help would be appreciated.

05-03-2008, 17:52
I have never used one but it got a recommended from dpreview


Conclusion - Pros

* Good resolution
* Clean and detailed image output at all zoom settings
* Very efficient image stabilization
* Fast, reliable focus (except in low light at longer focal lengths)
* Reliable exposure
* Good white balance and accurate color (in daylight)
* Clear and understandable menu
* Well designed and intuitive control layout
* Comprehensive feature set
* Good range of in-camera tonal and color adjustments
* Big, fairly bright screen
* Good balance of noise reduction and detail retention at higher ISO settings
* Good movie quality
* Useful zoom range (although no real wide angle)
* Good value for money
* Good flash exposure and color accuracy

Conclusion - Cons

* Noise and noise reduction artefacts showing in fine texture even at low ISO
* Very slow flash recycling (especially when batteries are weak)
* Images a bit soft viewed at 100% - benefit from a little sharpening
* ISO 800 and above only suitable for emergency use
* Battery life not brilliant (it's useful to always carry a spare set of batteries)
* Occasional highlight clipping
* Some purple fringing
* No real wide-angle

05-03-2008, 19:42
I have 1, I love it and would highly recommend it. I wanted a smaller camera to take on our cruise and that one had what I was looking for so I bought it and couldn't have been happier with how the pics turned out. I took a dozen pics of fireworks they were shooting off the side of the boat 1 night and all but 1 turned out good, even with almost a fifth of rum in me. Tells you how good the IS works. Seriously, for a small P&S camera I felt it was a very nice camera for the price and the fact it fits in a pocket when not in use. I don't think you'll be upset with it. Let us know if you go with it and how you like it.

05-05-2008, 17:40
what a coincidence. I just got one friday and am amazed at the quality of the pics. I read the dpreview and think that the sx100 should have gotten a higher recommendation. I guess the big gripe was lack of wide angle. But the ones the site compared it to wasn't any better in my opinion.

But enough of that. The image stabiliztion is awesome, back in the olden days when we used film (and we were grateful!) it was almost impossible to get sharp pics from a 200mm or greater lens without a tripod. Image stabilization is cool! I've been snapping shots of just about everything and will post examples. I have had mixed success with the macro mode, sometimes it will not focus. It does feature a manual focus feature but I have not tried it yet. I am also surprized at the quality of the little movies you can take. Here are some samples when I was putting it through it's paces this weekend: Keep in mind I was just putting it through the paces so compostion might be off.


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05-06-2008, 18:54
Here are a lot of amazon reveiws from actual users in case you are interested.