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05-06-2008, 11:19
We're supposed to be a part of Task Force Phoenix, training the Afghan National Army and Afghan Police. It's hard to find out much info about it though.

In particular, there is a rumor currently that only E5 and up will deploy and the lower ranks will stay at home. (I'm E4 now but supposed to get promoted to E5 before we deploy) Does anybody know how it's been done in the past with that operation?

05-08-2008, 20:34
I'm with TFP VII now. Good luck with your train up; hope it goes better than ours did.
Edit: don't believe a rumor like that one. Any OEF TFP iteration is going to need almost 2000 personnel. If they deployed with only E5 and above, who is gonna do all the work for the year?

My suggestion is to get onto AKO; if your unit is deploying, you'll get access to all of the Lessons Learned parts of AKO that deal with OEF. CALL and other sites will also provide you with other information you'll need.

www.taskforcephoenix.com is the public website for the deployment.

05-08-2008, 20:57
I found the task force phoenix website a while back. I found some useful stuff, but not really enough to give me a feel for TFP. That's good advice on CALL - I'll be sure to check that out.

I don't believe the rumor, but half my unit does now. And, I keep hearing it from O-4s, E-7s, and such ranks from other parts of the state.

Our brigade is 5,000-6,000 soldiers I think. If we only need 2,000 for Task Force Phoenix, what does everyone else do?

05-08-2008, 21:16
As I said, go to AKO. Part of your training wil entail taking some on-line courses about Afghanistan; you can sign up for email updates on the Afghan situation as part of those courses.
As for personnel: the PRT mission has been an add-on in the last couple of years and wont go away any time soon. Bush is taking on a larger role for the US military in Afghanistan, so our presence here will not diminish. We brought more personnel than our SC predecessors and are still under-manned. Certain missions like the PRT missions are career specific, but you still have a TF that will need running; that requires SecFor elements, for instance. Theres still a lot of fighting in parts of the country, and thats not rank-specific. As I said, start spending a lot of time on AKO. If your guys are recognized as being in the chute for deployment, theres a lot of areas of AKO with info that you will find of use.

Do you know where you'll be mobbing out of? After our time at Bragg, iI'd not recomend it as a mob site.