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master tigon
06-25-2002, 02:27
name:(ask the teacher)
Grade: how many years of football.
date: subtract two days from next game

1.) A train leaves brooklyn at 35 mph going west for 190 miles, while a train leaves oklahoma at 45 miles mph going 210 miles, A.)How does this pertain to football

2.)If coweta scores 14 points in each quarter against jenks and jenks scores 7 every 10 minutes, who will win. A.)What do you mean only every ten minutes?

3.) If bob scores a 1300 on his Sat, and Oral Roberts pays scholarships of 600 dollars for every 250 points, how much money will he get. A.)Who cares, ORU doesn't play football.

4.) If Jane plays lacross and scores 2.3 goals a game and plays a 20 game season, how many goals did she score? A.)What the hell is lacross?

5.) What did the founding fathers of our country value as the most important asset to the condition of our nation. A.) High school football

6.) If Dillon graduated in 1976 and played for the Trojans in highschool and wanted to play for the trojans in college where could he have went. a.) You mean there's life after highschool?

okay i'm done here, not my best work, but should get the point across. If your fifty and like highschool football, you just might be a redneck!!

06-25-2002, 20:08
Originally posted by master tigon
If your fifty and like highschool football, you just might be a redneck!!

Or have a thing for cute high school cheerleaders....;a ;f