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05-13-2008, 09:58
Just got informed I'll be PCSing to Hurlburt with a RNLTD of 30 November. Trying to find fellow gun enthusiasts in the area for some intel on good gun shops, ranges, hunting info, etc.

05-19-2008, 10:44
Sorry for the invasion of the AF forum by retired Navy but thought that I could help.

I live in the Pensacola area and am familiar with the area in question.

Some really great hunting is on Eglin AFB. They have closed some area's of the base in the last several years but there is still a bunch(couple hundred thousand acres)that is open to hunt.

You can obtain a license from Jackson Guard for $20. This will allow you to hunt everything in the base. You will have to obtain a state license also but being active mil it will only cost you another $20. Be sure to ask for the Military Gold license.

I hunt Eglin every year so PM me and I will be glad to elaborate on where to go inside Eglin. I primarily hunt hogs but have ran across some mighty nice deer in my trips around the base.

There are several gunshops in the area however one of them is strictly MSRP or better. I go in there every now and then just to look. The staff is knowledgeable and they have a bunch of the black guns,ammo,and some milsurp stuff. I look,feel,then buy somewhere else. I will be happy to give you the name in a PM.

Good luck with your PCS move. I did it a bunch of times in my 22 years.

05-20-2008, 00:42
What will you be doing at Hurlbert?

Say hellow to the ROMAD studs while you are there. Good base that was really starting to develop good support functions (BX, Commisary, etc.) when I was there last for training in 1992.

Nice country but too flat for me. I need to see mountains to orient myself. And what they call trees there we call shrubs here.

But have a good tour!

05-29-2008, 06:59
I'm going to be the Maintenance Ops Officer for the 1st Special Ops Helicopter Maintenance Squadron in October/November. I just heard that Eglin offer hunting on base so I was getting excited about it being so close. When I was stationed in GA, my old Chief kept wanting me to go hunt hogs with him, but it never worked out, although we hunted deer plenty! I'm looking forward to the move and getting back into SpecOps again. I haven't deployed in 2 years due to my present job and i'm ready to go. When it gets time to head that way, I'll definitely PM you and maybe we can meet up.

05-31-2008, 04:50
finz, if it's hogs on Eglin your after, I got quite a bit of expierance with that.

Lemme know when you get here and I will point you in the right direction to get huntin',or maybe we can "outflank 'em. There are definately some area's of Eglin that are much better than others.

ASAP after ariveing,a good pair of snake boots is mandentory.

Best of luck with the PCS.

05-31-2008, 04:59
Funny.....friend's husband was denied a move to Eglin AFB...they told him no openings....he's commo.... Oh well...good luck, be safe!

06-01-2008, 00:35
Hawgs on Eglin. Boy, that brings back some harrowing memories. Nothing like hearing the freight train of a sow crashing through the palmettos to make you forget patrol tactics and scramble for what Florida laughingly passes off as trees. I remember one night the instructors took a radio call from a kid screaming into the radio that they "were eating (him)." He took some pokes in the legs too.

They have some big ones out there, east of Duke.

Congrats on the position. Support is the key to a HSLD unit, not the tip of the spear types.

06-02-2008, 10:46
I am at Eglin. PM me if you have any questions. Not alot of good gun shops but some are ok.

06-02-2008, 21:24
Its been about 2.5 years ago....but on hurlburt theres a shooting club down the street from the catm was right next to my old work. They have a 25 yard pistol range and a ~300 yard rifle range...
theres a decent gun/pawn shop (big selection of guns) called Jimmy's off of Mary esther blvd, near 98....I bought my G30 there :supergrin:
There's another class III gun shop in crestview with a big selection...

There used to be a big gunshow at the fairgrounds like once a month, not sure if they still have them.

If you dont have a ccw, and want one.....get it in Florida. I beleive a florida ccw is the best because it is the one where it has the most states where you can transfer it to. Talk to the guys at the hurlburt rifle/pistol club about it

06-04-2008, 08:34
Head to Jimmy's Pawn Shop on Eglin Boulevard....they have the Glock military/LEO discount and plenty of other guns to boot...the staff is also very friendly.

06-05-2008, 03:10
Biggest thing I used to hunt on Eglin was squirrels and rattlesnakes! Stationed at Hurlburt 1985-1989...only gun shop I remember that is still in business is Gulf Breeze firearms. They were just starting out back then, I bought my first Glock and an SKS from them. I was at the Louisville gun show a few months ago and ran into a dealer from the shop at one of the tables, seems they are "upscale" now, sellin Dakota rifles and such. Now, if you want any info on Kays Body Shop or the Green Frog, let me know....LOL

06-13-2008, 08:26
Sawman, thanks for the invite....I'll definitely take you up on it when I get there......already got the snake boots....3 yearsstationed at Moody will do that to ya!

06-13-2008, 10:13
.....I killed a Eastern Dimondback that hung off both sides of the tailgate of my truck.............on the 7th of Jan.

Mornings are ok but when it warms up early afternoon they are in the sun and extremely cranky. This one struck at me when I was still 10-15 feet away.

The plus for Eglin is the hogs take care of most of them. They will circle it,quickly grab it up and shake it like a boxer dog shakes and old sock. The snake is torn in half almost instantly.

From what I hear,Gulf Breeze Firearms is out of buisness. Jimmy's is still on Eglin Blvd and DOES still give the LEO/Mil discount. Call Glock and they will tell you exactly what an authorized dealer should be charging you for a Glock on this program. That is what you will be charged at Jimmy's. (Glock will tell you Jimmy's is a authorized dealer)

There is a place downtown Crestview that claims to be a LEO/Mil authorized dealer but is not. They will give you a small discount but you will still save $40-$70 at Jimmy's. If you want the name of the ripoff dealer,PM me and I will most gladly give it to you. They have a store in Pensacola that is also a MSRP and above store and they claim to be a LEO/Mil Glock dealer also. People have complained to Glock about these stores but I feel that they sell so many Glocks that Glock looks the other way. VERY SAD !!

Best of luck on your PCS.

07-14-2008, 10:04
I'm going to be the Maintenance Ops Officer for the 1st Special Ops Helicopter Maintenance Squadron in October/November.

No kidding, I know a bunch of folks in the CV-22 side of the 1st SOHMS.

I'm stationed at the Boeing factory in PA where they build the Osprey.

I'll have to look you up the next time I get down to Hurlburt.


08-05-2008, 20:14
Say hellow to the ROMAD studs while you are there.
I think they prefer to be called JTACs as ROMAD is, from what I understand from a friend who's a JTAC, is that a ROMAD is essentially a stepdown in the foodchain or what JTACs are called if they get decertified.

What's really strange is that my friend ended up being the supervisor of one of the guys I both shipped to basic from San Diego with and was in the same flight with while there while these guys were stationed at Hickam AFB. When my friend took me to his squadron's headquarter's at Wheeler Army Airfield while on vacation in Hawaii I ran into the guy from BMT and said, "DUDE!, I know you!" He was as shocked as I was and even more so when my friend said he was the guy's supervisor. The AF sure is a small world.

ks farmboy
09-01-2008, 13:40
THE BEST GUN SHOP IN THE AREA IS JIMMY'S GUN AND PAWN. (on eglin blvd.) they have cheap rates on guns, and a huge selection. they also have the glock discounts for military. 409 for a standard model--and up from there. they are great guys. i miss going in there and bs-ing all the time. DO NOT!!!!! DO NOT GO TO JAY'S. waaaaay to damn expensive and they are pricks. there is a shooting club on hurlbert that meets on saturdays. its pretty fun.

09-09-2008, 16:14
only NCOs are JTACs e-1 - e-4 are romads, RADIO Operater Maintainer And Driver. under most circumstances only NCOs can become JTACs. Joint Terminal Air Controller

09-10-2008, 18:36
I just moved to Eglin and am interested in hunting hogs too... Would you guy's with a little experience be willing to impart some wizdom to me??? I know you can go on post, but have no clue as to where. I have a roommate who is dying to do a little hunting too!!!

09-17-2008, 12:08
There is a place downtown Crestview that claims to be a LEO/Mil authorized dealer but is not. They will give you a small discount but you will still save $40-$70 at Jimmy's. If you want the name of the ripoff dealer,PM me and I will most gladly give it to you. They have a store in Pensacola that is also a MSRP and above store and they claim to be a LEO/Mil Glock dealer also. People have complained to Glock about these stores but I feel that they sell so many Glocks that Glock looks the other way. VERY SAD !!

Best of luck on your PCS.

I think the place you are referring to is (removed for discretion saw the above pm message in the quote) right in the center of Crestview. I peaked in there once and that was IT. I bought my G23 from Jimmy's Pawn like everyone else has mentioned. The were friendly and I got the discount no questions asked. I recommend them hightly. They even used to have a Barrett M82 with the CQB length barrel. LOL I can't believe they even call it a CQB Barrett. God I love shooting those things though.

While I was at Eglin I always meant to go hog hunting and I saw them very frequently while running around on the range. At times I wish they'd at least have let me pack a M9 on my hip while I was doing ordnance sweeping. I surprised way too many sleeping hog families while carrying an ordnance detector and a shovel. Just mind where you step while out there I had to respond out to hunting areas about 10 times over my four years for unexploded ordnance. Hell, sometimes I'd even fine two or three on the way to the one that was called in. Nothing like killing multiple birds with one boom. In order to get your pass you'll have to watch a UXO video and you'll get a map telling you where you'll be more likely to run into one.

Lucky for you the houses in the area got way cheaper than when I was there. I couldn't touch a house for $150k when I was there. Now those are selling for about $30K less at least.

09-17-2008, 19:22
pisc1024, I have quite a bit of expierance hunting on Eglin. I will try to help as much as possible. There are plenty of hogs(and deer) to go around.

What are your questions ??

09-22-2008, 19:41
sawman, where are some good places to go on base to find hogs? Also do you think that a 12 gage with buck shot would work on thoes beasts? You hear so much about them being bullet proof ect. I have other blasters to bring to the game, but I think that my shot gun would be the best for this kind of terrain...

09-23-2008, 00:00
Not that I have experience hunting them but I was going to take the same rifle I used for deer. Depending on what hunting area you're in there are clearings where you can take decent shots.

09-23-2008, 10:00
pisc1024, Would be more than happy to tell you about and direct you to,some places on Eglin that has more hogs than anywhere else. ANYONE that wants to know anything about location needs to PM me. I don't mind you Eglin guys knowing but I don't want to advertise too openly.

IMO, shotguns are a no-no. I had a buddy/instructor that used to say,"buckshot is gutshot". Simply said,a load of buckshot could do the trick but you will have a mess on your hands. 9-12 pellets, in a tight pattern, at close range, will make a mess of the finest eatin' meat on the face of the earth.

At the longer ranges,say 40-70yds,the pattern will be so large that the hog probably will run,to die later. Possibly with very little blood to follow as the soft lead of buckshot will not penetrate very far.

There are places in Eglin, that if the hog went 40yds, you may never find him,or would rather not go get him even if you could see him. Those places have 6 inches of standing water with 10ft of mud under that.

Some(probably most) of the shots will be in the fairly open mature pine and blackjack oak forrest. Those shots could be 50 to 150+yds long. A deer rifle will do for this type of hunting. Some of my hunting is sitting up above a thick creek bottom and watching a trail that leads to and from that bottom. These shots can be almost as long or as short as you want to make them. Mostly they are 50'ish yds for me.

Using a deer rifle with scope is ok but remember to have your vairable power scope set to the lowest power. At least initially. The very best weapon(IMO) is the short,light,big bore carbine(or pistol) .357mag(with the right load),10mm,.44mag,45LC,.454Casull,450Marlin,.45-70,and the like are simply the greatest. The big,slow bullets do far less meat damage than the 270's,308's,30-06's,243's,and the like. Of course they all will kill.

Remember also the hogs you see in Eglin can be substantially larger than any deer you will see. A big deer will probably be 140-160lbs. There have been quite a few hogs killed in Eglin that are 400+lbs. And tons over 300lbs. This is where those slow,heavy,well made bullets really shine. Especially the WFN and WLN hardcast.

Permits for Eglin went on sale today. For active duty or retired military(me) ask for the "Military Gold" permit. It will only cost you $20. Pick up the permits at Jackson Guard. I will be going one day this week. Anyone that wants to meet me there to discuss where to hunt,let me kow the day and time. In fact I can show you with the map that you will get with your permit.

Good huntin" -----pruhdlr

09-23-2008, 20:40
Sawman, I guess I'll be using my 30-30, I also have a glock 20 that I would love to use, do you have any ideas on how to block the mag off for the 5 round rule? I was thinking of using a pencil...

09-24-2008, 10:52
The .30-30 is fine. Especially the bigger bullets(150's and 170's). Study the anatomy of a hog if possible. They are kinda like a bear in that the heart and lungs hang down low. The spine is very low in the neck area and that is always a killer as is the brain. Put it in the ear and they will simply do the kickin' chicken.

There is NO RULE that limits the rds that you can carry in a centerfire pistol for hunting. I always have 15+1 in my Glock 20(or 8+1 in my Desert Eagle) especially if I'm gonna get down on their level. Would also highly reccomend Double Tap ammo outta the 20. I use the 200gr WFN hardcast. It absolutely hammers 'em.

Good Shootin' -----pruhdlr

09-24-2008, 11:53
My CC just talked to AFPC for me.....looks like my RNLTD is getting pushed back to 31 Jan. I'm assuming deer season will be over by then. Still plan on hooking up with you Strawman, but unfortunately it'll be a little later than I originally hoped. Also looks like they're slotting me as the MOO for the Component MX Squadron out there now instead of the Ospreys. Catch you guys later!

09-24-2008, 13:23
Sawman, when you said that there is no rule on pistols, I though that it sounded funny, so I went back and checked the regs', and low and behold your right!!! Man that saves me a lot of hassle!!! Thanks!!!! I gues reading is fundamental huh? Do you hunt with your glock 20 on base? is there anything special that has to be done with that? I heard that you have to register anything that comes on base, that's not a problem, I was just curious. is it alrigh if you wear it in a hoster when your huting, or is that a nono... If the questions sound dumb, it's because I'm used to hunting on military bases, and they have some strange rules....

09-24-2008, 14:09
Finz50, yeah,by 1-31 the general gun is still have 10days of M/L hunting. It is usually 2-15 thru 2-25. That is some excellent hunting cuz there aren't many hunters in the woods and the animals have had over two weeks to "rest". Also usually some darn great WX.

There's always next year. That will give you plenty time to do some scouting. PM me when you get in and set up and we'll get together.

pisc1024, I come and go from the base on the extreme northern side. There are no check points or gates so I'm not sure how the base handles the firearms thing. If you will be living in the barracks I'm sure that you will not be able to keep a firearm in your room. Make sure to check with base security or other security forces.

While hunting with my pistols,I wear them in a Bianchi Ranger chest rig. Usually with a orange vest covering most of the weapon. Although I have a concealed weapons permit,I still safe the weapon and take it off when I enter my truck. I put it in a nylon bag along with the ammo and mags. I have never been hasseled by state or federal wardens for doing this. You can definately wear it in a holster on your hip while hunting.

One more comment for both(all) you guys. While coming and going,and especially while hunting,make sure to ALWAYS know where your at on the base. The base is huge and the open for hunting areas are broken up by highly restricted areas. These areas are usually divided by a stream(and it could be dry) or a small dirt/red clay roadway. If you are found to be where your not supposed to be, the smilin',good ol' boys,Florida wardens, will not come after you,it will/could be the military SpecOps guys. They are in constant need of training and they will use you as a target/training tool. Take it from me.....that'll completely ruin your day. There are sensors in the ground,trees,and places that you would never see them. If you stray into a restricted area the security forces will know it.

I use a GPS with a built in map. It shows most if not all the roadways in the non restricted areas. It will keep you outta trouble.

Other than that, it is a great place to hunt. Last time I heard you had access to half a million acres to hunt/recreate. That's plenty for me. -----pruhdlr

09-27-2008, 15:28
The wife and I took the trip over to Eglin(Jackson Guard) this AM to pick up our permits.

The rules are pretty much the same this year as in the past. Military Gold is still $20 but the regular permit has risen to $45. The new maps show that as stated earlier,more parts of the base has been restricted due to mission demands. Probably the training of the SpecOps types. That didn't really effect us and the places that we hunt anyway. Also, it is a military facility first and everything else comes after that.

Access for scouting and hanging stands will be Oct. 11 and 12 and then the bow season will open Oct.18. Most of the dog hunters will be over in the "quota hunt" area(6) so that will relieve the PITA factor in some of the other area's. Area 12 will still be a doggie area so stay clear of that.

WX permitting,it should be a good year.------pruhdlr

10-06-2008, 18:53
Sawman, thanks for the info... School has been a beast lately, I havn't even gone by the guard to get my permit yet.