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Grumpy Gardener
05-13-2008, 20:49
O.k. guys let me axe ya a question. I would like to start a horse program for Soldiers returning from their service.
The program will be a start up program for the horses and for the Soldiers. Neither will have been introduced to each other of any kind. Meaning the horses will be rank or mistreated horses and the Soldiers would be new to any sort of equine species.

I'd plan on a 6 month program where Soldiers interested could be involved in starting Colts or Mustangs or abused horses and gradually getting them to saddle to trail or arena. After that we'd allow the horses to move on to Professional finishers or approved horse consumers.

I'm a product of this and I believe it would benefit dissasociated soldiers who need a good friend (that being the horses).

I don't care what branch, I don't care the age or rank.

But I'd like to share what worked for me.

appreciate any input fellas/gals.


in a couple of days I'm out to my new Cowpoke job. so if I don't immediately respond don't get pissed. I'll touch bases as I can get service.



05-13-2008, 23:10
I'm not sure how many military personnel are going to be interested in playing Horse Whisperer, but we shall see based on responses.....

05-31-2008, 22:24
I don't think it's a bad idea and I appreciate the effort on your part, but I don't know how one could really make it happen.
If I remember correctly, I think I heard of something similar since I've been in. It appears to be pretty therepeutic to some recovering Soldiers.

I thank you for the effort and encourage it fully. Not much I can really do, but I'd be willing to help in any way I could.

BTW, Soldiers are in the Army. Marines are Marines (just ask one):supergrin: God love 'em. Airmen are Airmen, etc. We're not all Soldiers. We have different titles. If you're going to work with us, you need to know that because it makes a huge difference to some people you talk to. Just start calling a Marine a Soldier, he'll correct you. :supergrin:

05-31-2008, 23:52
"Are you bringing any weapons in?"

"Of course not!"

"Then you're not gonna change anything..."


06-01-2008, 08:36
There has been a lot of work done diving with disabled vets and I'm sure that a horse program would be just as enjoyable and appreciated.