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05-23-2008, 10:42
I went downtown to the Grain Exchange to submit my permit to carry renewal. Well, from the time I parked in the Jerry Haaf ramp to the time I was backing out of my parking place total time 23min. Now, the guy before me made an error, he brought a check for $100, not the $75 for a renewal. He did not have check book with to write a new one. Talk about pissed! So a heads up the renewal is 75 bucks! The gentleman at the window, then said since I renew my DL in June I could call in the new # when my DL arrives, I renewed that that the EP Hennepin County Service Center (Man what a world of difference from the one at Southdale a few years ago with 2.5hr wait for address change!) Four years ago I did my DL renewal and Passport Application at the Carver County License Bureau in Chaska talk about slicker then you know what on a door knob! Oh well, the state and county goverment is sure getting my money this month. Professional license is due in June...there goes more money!

05-23-2008, 11:32
It took me 5 minutes to renew at Ramsey County Sheriff's office in St. Paul, pushed my credentials through the window, paid cash and got the receipt back in 5 minutes, very fast.... But, I don't expect mine back much before 30 days are up...

Otto Skorzeny
05-24-2008, 06:19
I have a couple years before I have to renew my carry permit.

I have a Dakota County permit with my Hennepin county address.