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06-28-2002, 14:31
Hello gang, I am having a hard time finding a Tikka Whitetail Hunter in 30.06? I checked the largest of gunshops here in Omaha and found out they don't sell the Tikka line. I read several posts talking about Walmart carrying them so I assumed that I might find one there. I walk into Walmart this evening and found none on the shelves. The clerk checked for me and found they could "special" order the model for 568.00 dollars. I heard they run on sale for around 399.00 to 425.00. I believe the gun is worth the money but am not willing to pay that if I can find a place to order it and pay the transfer fee for less. Also do you suggest the stainless synthetic model or wood and blued? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Esox357

06-29-2002, 12:59
or try www.gunbroker.com
www.ableammo.com has them also