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05-25-2008, 22:00
Another 130 people would be out of job by 2010:

US freight and logistics firm United Parcel
> Service (UPS) said Wednesday it is relocating its
> Asian hub from the Philippines to China in the next
> three years.
> Andy Connelly, UPS senior vice president for
> South Asia Pacific, said the new intra-Asia hub in
> Shenzhen, China will be operational by 2010.
> The new facility, with a total land area of
> 89,000 sq mts, will launch 100 flights per week and
> employ 400 people. It has the capacity to process
> 18,000 packages an hour, Connelly said.
> 'In the past few years, the increase in
> trend was moving towards north of Asia,' he said.
> 'About 75 percent of the intra-Asia package volume
> shift to North Asia, and the decision was made to
> handle the packages close to our clients.'
> Connelly noted that China, Hong Kong, Japan,
> South Korea and Taiwan now account for more than
> half of UPS' total intra-Asia volume.
> 'Given the growth in shipping in southern
> China, it makes sense to sort and dispatch this
> volume from a hub closer to our customers,' he said.
> Connelly said UPS will retain its operations
> in the Clark industrial zone in the northern
> Philippines, but on a scaled-down level.
> In the next three years, UPS will downsize
> the number of employees in Clark to 70 from the
> current 200. Flights will also be reduced to two a
> day from the current nine.

05-25-2008, 23:21
Heard Sec andaya's speech sa grad ng UPOU
Another 25million pinoys in 12 years