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05-27-2008, 16:14
Ref prior thread:
"Bare Escentuals"

Patricia said: I also use Avon's Intensive Eye Cream under my eyes.

Just got my "C-12" book from my Avon lady -
Not sure which is the "Intensive Eye Cream" you meant, but they have a 99 cent sale going on "Renewing Eye Cream #409-000" on p. 53 of the brochure, w/any $12 purchase from pp. 52-53. Also the "Hydrofirming Ice Cream", brochure p. 57, No. 711-145, 99 cents w/$10 purchase from p. 57

Their "Advanced Eye Perfector" (No. 008-422) is one that I really like and have used for a long time - peachy-colored gel that while tightening and reducing puffiness does NOT give that 'stretched taunt to the limit' effect some similar products due and is good on NON-greasy moisture content, too. Same same, brochure p. 55 (99 cents w/$12 purchace pp. 54-55)

One of their products I am really happy with and have just about used up from my first and only prior purchase, "Deep Crease Concentrate with Bohylurox", brochure p. 69, No. 142-527, on sale $21.99 (normally $32!!!).

And Sharon - remember the PM I sent a while ago about Avon's BE imitation, "Ivory" that does a bang-up job of covering my dark eye circles w/o looking creasy, greasy, etc? They've got those on sale:
Brochure p. 36-37, "Ideal Shade Smooth Mineral Makeup", B1 ($10), get 1 $5, mix-n-match. The Ivory is No. 395-203. P. 36 is the foundations and separate brush, p. 37 is the mineral blushes and eyeshadows. Same sale thingie for p. 36-41.

No Alta coupons in the junk mail again yet, tho.

Re my post on this subsequent page:
I also use an Avon - 'bareMinerals' imitation for one specific purpose, even tho it's supposed to be an all-over face 'foundation' "mineral powder". It's the lightest shade Avon makes in it, and I use it as a concealer for under and around my eyes. (Megga dark circles, redness in the skin immediately around my eyes, etc.) It doesn't spread as lightly as the bareMinerals stuff, but that's ok, because I NEED it to 'stick' (for heavier coverage) more than spread lightly where I use it. The Avon copy line is noteably less expensive than the bareMinerals stuff. I have also experimented with Alta's own 'mineral makeup' line via their in-store testers. I found IT to be 'less spreadable', much like the Avon stuff.

Looks like Avon has come out with yet MORE "new" mineral makeup products since I got the "Personal Match" "smooth mineral makeup powder in Ivory" that I use around my eyes. No mention of SPF, tho.

Mrs. VR
05-27-2008, 18:04
Thanks for the info! :hugs:

05-27-2008, 20:31
Thanks for the info! :hugs:

Babe, you got a LOT on your hands and shoulders right now. You want me to order you an Ivory mineral makeup thingie and just sent it to you?

06-02-2008, 19:06
I want retro rose nailpolish!!!

Swattie's Wife
06-07-2008, 12:00
Got a website I can go to?


06-07-2008, 21:22
Got a website I can go to?


For Avon?

I think it's