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05-30-2008, 23:41
Magaling magsalita na Military leader. I hope the best for him.

bertud ng putik
06-02-2008, 06:59
sana nga at sana may paninindigan bilang militarty man, at hindi sasawsaw sa pulitiko. maayos sya mag salita at mukhang disiplinado at honest.

06-05-2008, 02:03
Lacson chides AFP chief Yano over traffic ‘arrogance’
06/04/2008 | 10:45 AM

Email this | Email the Editor | Print | Digg this | Add to MANILA, Philippines - New Armed Forces chief of staff Lt. Gen. Alexander Yano received a reminder on traffic arrogance, after his security escorts unknowingly cut off a senator in rush hour traffic Wednesday morning.

Opposition Sen. Panfilo Lacson chided Yano for his "hurry" in going to the Senate, after one of Yano's escorts unknowingly stopped several vehicles – including Lacson's – in traffic in Pasay City.

"This morning I was inside a vehicle your convoy tapped at the foot of Tramo flyover. It was 9:35 a.m., you were not in danger of being late for your confirmation hearing. I myself arrived at 9:45 and I was right there, if you can recall," Lacson, a former national police chief, told Yano at the hearing for the confirmation of Yano's promotion before the Commission on Appointments (CA).

He recalled that when he was Philippine National Police chief in 1999, he did not allow his security escorts to cut other vehicles in traffic "unless extremely necessary."

Lacson told Yano people detest such acts of "arrogance and high-handedness," especially in bad traffic situations and during rush hour to boot.

"In sum, advice ko sa iyo (my advice to you is) don't be in a hurry when you are not. Is it well taken?" he said.

"Well taken, your honor," Yano replied.

Lacson also assured Yano the "altercation" would not cost him his confirmation.

"This will not cost your confirmation but I had the opportunity in 1999 of wearing the 4 stars you are about to wear, I was probably more powerful then than you are now. But I was not allowing my escorts to cut vehicles along the way unless extremely necessary. People detest the arrogance and highhandedness especially with the traffic situation we have in this country," he told Yano.

Both Lacson and Yano are products of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) in Baguio City. Lacson graduated in 1971 while Yano, in 1976. - GMANews.TV

06-05-2008, 09:28
Oh yeah, Lacson is my man for 2010 or Bayani