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T. Harless
06-08-2008, 21:13
My brother is in the market for a new ball tripod head. I use an Arca-Swiss B1g but he doesn't want to spend that much money. Any you folks have any positive experience with another brand/head say in the sub $300 range. Heaviest gear on it would probably be a D300 body and 80-200 2.8. I appreciate any input. Todd

06-09-2008, 15:00
I recently picked up a Bogen Manfrotto 190XB Aluminum Tripod with Manfrotto 486RC2 Compact Ball Head for ~$200 from Amazon and love it. I use it with a Canon 70-200 F/2.8L on a Canon 20d and Speedlite 420EX with out any problems or creep.

T. Harless
06-15-2008, 20:00
He bit the bullet and bought a Really Right Stuff BH-40. Can't go wrong there.

jolly roger
06-22-2008, 18:39
I have the same one as Woody. Good set up