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06-09-2008, 13:21
I passed!!! :phew::bluesbrothers: Took it for the first time friday afternoon,so i had to wait till today to get my results. Talk about a long weekend.:impatient::nailbiting: It feels good to get it done.

06-09-2008, 13:53
AWSOME Job!!! I took that test 13 yrs ago and it was a ***** then, I am hearing the new computer test is worse yet. Now go get a job and really learn how to be a Paramedic!! :upeyes: Congrats Bryan

06-09-2008, 17:16
Stay up on your cont. ed.!! I will NEVER let my NREMT-P card expire. The test was a *****!

06-09-2008, 17:17
Stay up on your cont. ed.!! I will NEVER let my NREMT-P card expire. The test was a *****!

No joke,I never want to that again!

06-09-2008, 18:54
Congrats. That is a test you only want to take once. I know a few medics that have taken it 5 times. Refresher and all.

06-09-2008, 19:41
Computer Adapted Testing is more and more universal the nursing boards have been like that for years. I remember waiting and waiting for results....
least the practical you knew where you stood! Congrats and welcome to the blue and gold glitter club.....:wavey:

06-10-2008, 13:12
the blue and gold glitter club.....:wavey:

That's funny stuff right there!:supergrin:

And congrats Blitz.

06-11-2008, 08:52
That's funny stuff right there!:supergrin:

And congrats Blitz.

What you never heard of that club? Passing that test was more important then passing my NCLEX!

Gone are the days of provisional status.....

But, the patch means nothing without street experience!

06-11-2008, 15:14
Congrats!! Its been a year since I took the test, and I remember taking it on a Friday and waiting for that long weekend too... The computer-based testing definitely makes it more difficult, as you have to be sure of your answer before you go to the next question! Hopefully it will add to the credibility of the system, though, since its based on the nursing exam systems. Like others have said -- don't let it lapse! Who would want to take that test again!? :) Its a demonstration of your commitment to a higher standard of certification, and also your ticket to mobility, much more so than a single state certification! Congrats again!

06-12-2008, 04:13
Gosh, I remember taking test the Thursday before memorial day written first, then practical on Friday. No retests on practical stations. I remember some gal in a cast trying to take a few practical stations up from a southern state..she failed....Man that the state of mn Health Dept rep was only telling people far away about their results first...then the closer ones..last...I did not find out about practical till 430. I had an "in" with the health dept to check on status of written verbal pass on June 18th, and the stuff was in the mail on 25th of June! Started orientation as a medic on July 27th!

06-12-2008, 04:18
The NCLEX has a possible 265 questions of which 15 of the first 75 are trial always sort of amazed competence mentally was found in 60 questions... But, hey....this one gal who was smoking hot started the NCLEX at same time I did, was done in like 45min! I thought I did something wrong cause computer locked up or so I thought.....I was done in about 1hr...75 and out. I only know one person that failed the NCLEX in 75 questions...but she had a semi good excuse...she had been in ER with migraine up until 4hrs before the test.....

One guy in our medic clas was an insulin depended diabetic, and he had an insulin reaction during the written test......UFDA!

07-07-2008, 21:21
Y'all are not helping my confidence any. I graduate in September. I'm looking forward to taking the Registry exam soon after. Any recommendations?


07-10-2008, 05:46
Congrats!! Luckily I didn't have to do the computer based testing. Never let it go now that you got it.

07-12-2008, 22:15
Congrats Blitz! I'm working on it. I just got my ACLS and PALS is next week. The midterm is behind us, we're getting there!

07-25-2008, 18:31
Congratulations. I started during the "wild west" days of EMS. Rules were few, and we did things you sure can't do today. On the other hand, today's emergency medical folks probably have more knowlege, better training, and darn sure better equipment. So enjoy the rush, watch for the burnout, and carry on young man.

08-07-2008, 05:15
I was just curious and its funny this came up because as a type one diabetic with an interest in becoming and EMT shortly to see if it is something that would interest me..I have been told by many many people that its certainly not impossible for a well regulated type 1 to do the job. I feel really to have an insulin pump. So that being said I was curious to know how things turned out for the poor guy who was trying to improve himself by becoming a medic and also just out of plain curiosity what the...UFDA stood for ?

One guy in our medic clas was an insulin depended diabetic, and he had an insulin reaction during the written test......UFDA![/quote]

08-07-2008, 13:31
UFDA is Scandahovian for toned down Oh My Gosh

No like FUBAR.....or get the idea....