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06-14-2008, 16:37
Hey folks, I'm looking to get some medical equipment to keep in my car incase I come across an accident or some such thing. (I'll be traveling acroos country here soon). I also have some friends back home who do alot of "mudding" and I would like to be able to help out if anyone gets hurt.

So my question is, should I make a bag or just buy a pre-made bag? I'm not trying to be a hero here, but I would hate to not be able to render the appropriate care due to lack of supplies.

I am an NREMT-B, Army Medic, and taking my NCLEX-PN on 03July, but I have really NO hands on experience yet. So I thought I'd come here and ask you more experienced guys what y'all thought I should do here.


06-14-2008, 16:41
I was looking on fleabay and found this

Some of it seems good, other things not so much. I could always mix 'n match though. I do like the fact that it has a c-collar

Or this one:

06-15-2008, 08:49
Absolute BEST bags I ever owned with a real life time warranty- LA RESCUE.

Here is your link- www.larescue.com

06-15-2008, 10:40
I would opt for buying the bag, and then stocking it as you see fit.

06-15-2008, 15:04
I made up a personal bag not long after joining a service. (small parts replacement was cheaper) :) I picked up a fair amount of "toys" cheap as well when they were being dumped. I.E a new total set of air splints that had sat in storage for 5yrs unopened...etc
Long and short after 25yrs I find less is fine. What I want is GLOVES (4 pair at least) a pocket mask with one way valve, half a dozen triangular bandages, DUCT TAPE (to be honest used the most) as well as band aids, 4x4s, cling, gauze and bandage sissors/paramedic shears. All will fit on end of duffle bag and handle most anything you SHOULD try to handle till fully equiped rig shows up.

06-15-2008, 15:44
Thanks guys.

I have a small BLS-type bag, so maybe I'll just stuff some things in there and toss it in the trunk. I guess I don't really need that much equipment, so that should work fine.

Probably cheaper that way too, without all the useless stuff they put in some pre-made bags.

06-15-2008, 22:17
A wise man once told me...God done gave you most of what you need to treat things with, it lies between your ears and behind your eyes! Common sense will allow you to improvise, adapt, and over come....

06-15-2008, 22:24
Store bought pre-packed tech bags are bull excrement.
Assemble your own bag with what you really use. If you don't know, I can tell you what to put in your bag. you also need a first aid kit in the front of the ambulance with you, consisting of a multi trauma dressing, a roll of four inch tape, six 4X4s and a roll of six inch cling for walking wounded rapid treatment. That is all. Get out there and save everybody. :drillsgt:

06-16-2008, 21:23
... Get out there and save everybody. :drillsgt:

I don't know about all that. Like I said, I'm no hero and I know it. I just lack experience so I thought I'd ask for help.
I was thinking more about it and I think I have figured out most of what I may need.
And like was said before, one can always improvise.

I appreciate the help though, I really was thinking about buying a pre-made bag for a minute there. I should have known better. :embarassed:

06-17-2008, 14:03
Been a Paramedic for 18 years now. I don't carry anything in my vehicle, I call 911. I don't stop if help is already there.

If you need a kit though, just get a bag from anywhere. You don't need a high dollar "Medic bag". I'd say bleeding, some simple splints (sam) and ice pack or 2, and MOST important is airway. So being in the medical field you should be able to snag a bvm. Or at least a pocket mask.

Oh yeah gloves! I lied, I my "kit" is a box of gloves & pocket mask! That is it

06-17-2008, 14:17
Huge +1 if there is already a rig there keep going and clear scene. UNLESS it is your dept and they look like they are undermanned. Then pull past if traffic and ask if they need help.
I hated "experts" that stop by accident (blocking traffic) and announce "I am a paramedic with Gold Cross do you need my (expert) help" when we have the person out of car and are loading into ambulance. I can honestly say I don't recall stopping ONCE where a ambulance is already on scene. I have pulled over just after scene and called dispatch (on non-emerg number) and offered to help if needed. I have wound up driving the ambulance when I beat ambulance to scene. Only thing I used with two elderly injured in van off road (fell asleep) before ambulance is to calm them (and their mutt/get mutt in cage) before ambulance arrived.
Of course I needed ride 15 miles back to my car. So I ask Deputy if he is going back to scene. "Yep I have to. Seems someone left a cream colored Escort on side of road. A 18wheeler was rubbernecking and the call says he totaled the dang thing out"

I have to admit he almost had me with his story. :)

06-17-2008, 23:16
That's good stuff.

Don't worry guys, NO WAY I would stop if an ambulance was already on scene. Like I said, I'm no hero and I know not to butt in where I'm not needed.

But I appreciate the replies. Words of wisdom from experienced medics is what I was looking for here, and you guys have been very helpful. Thank you.

06-25-2008, 04:58
Put together a pack yourself. I've always found a pre-assembled pack was always lacking something.
Cheaperthandirt.com has a few great packs and relatively inexpensive. I have used this one and been quite happy with it as a "first-in" ALS/med kit.


This one, while smaller has the MOLLE webbing and you can add pockets too. The EMT pouch is great for extra gloves and a pocket mask/barrier device which I feel are an absolute must.