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06-21-2008, 20:22
A friend of mine was helping me fill out my CMP form the other day and she read the part about never being in a mental institution and it really upset her because she worries she can never get a firearm. The situation is this she was abused at an early age and after the court battle and the slew of thereapist ended up in a childrens mental institution on and off for a while she was still young. She takes no meds and hasnt for years dosnt have to see any shrinks and has no anger issues, shes a good student and always has been no problems in school since thouse younger years(shes in her early 20's now) so the question is will this keep her from buying a gun?

ps I'm sorry if the post is poorly writen she si a good friend and it hurts just to think about it so I was trying to get it out fast

another okie
06-22-2008, 18:02
Unfortunately this is a very complicated legal question, which involves the interaction of state and federal law, and the specific circumstances under which she went into the hospital. (Tell her always to refer to it as a hospital or a clinic, not a mental institution.)

For a good answer you will need to find an attorney familiar with mental health law in your own state, and be prepared to pay some money for his or her research and opinion. Before seeing the attorney I suggest she find all of the relevant documents she can and the relevant laws. Print them out and them with you.

The local bar association or the Texas Bar Association (assuming she is a Texas resident) can help her find an attorney knowledgable in this field.

Do not trust internet advice as to whether she can or cannot buy a gun.

Do not ask a police officer or local prosecutor or a "mental health professional."