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06-22-2008, 13:17
Hi, I am possibly moving from Texas to Nashville, TN. I would like to know more about the gun laws in your state. I am coming from a state that is very cool about guns and want to know if i am going to a place like it. How hard are CC licenses to obtain? where are some good gun stores\ranges in the Nashville area? Its possible we will be living in Hendersonville or Brentwood. are there any good shops in either area of town?

thanks in advance

Gary G23
06-22-2008, 16:05
http://www.gunsandleather.com - close by in Greenbrier
http://www.academy.com/ - Madison

http://www.franklingunshop.com - just south of Brentwood
http://www.academy.com/ - Nashville

07-02-2008, 22:30
I'm thinking that TX and TN laws are somewhat similar. We have the Castle Doctrine. Carry is OK where alcohol is sold, but not where sold and consumed on premises. Govt. property is off limits, and I believe state parks are as well. Our state legislature is full of backwards thinking idiots, resulting in some silly gun legislation the past few years. We have reciprocity with pretty much every adjoining state, or the permit is allowed; AR, MO, KY, VA, NC, GA, AL, MS.

Regarding gun shops, ditto Gary23 (Franklin Gun Shop is awesome), and add the following:

Specialty Arms II - LaVergne, not far from Brentwood
On Target - Murfreesboro, with indoor range
Sportsman's Store - Dickson, west of Nashville
Bass Pro - if you want to pay top dollar

Gun store in Gallatin, near Hendersonville, but I do not know the name. There are certainly others in the area.

The Bill Goodman Gun Show is in Nashville just about every month; Bob Pope is 5 or 6 times a year, in Franklin, near Brentwood. There is a mammoth gun show in Louisville every June, 2.5 hours from here. Also gun shows in Jackson, Chattanooga, and Knoxville on a regular basis.

Some police departments in the area offer CCW courses, several private entities also. Send me a PM if you move and I'll forward a list. My course was a full Saturday at a local PD, half classroom, half shooting. Shooting consisted of 50 rds slowfire from 3 yds to about 25 yds. Upon passing, go to driver's license station for application, wait for approval, go to a state facility for fingerprinting, wait for approval, receive permit. From the CCW course to permit in the mail was only a month for me, but that was years ago. I'm hearing rumors lately that permit renewals are taking several weeks; not certain how that impacts new permits. Also, the list of CCW holders is available for the public, and has been posted on the web via a link from the Nashville newspaper more than once the past several months, which sucks. The Nashville media to me is very much anti-gun, which shouldn't be a surprise. The area is rapidly becoming "blue" vs. "red", as the woods and farmlands adjacent to Nashville are being replaced by strip malls and small cities of townhouses and zero-lot-line homes.

john wall
07-11-2008, 20:01
If you have a valid Texas CCW, here is the process for getting a Tn HCP.

"Texas: Applicant must complete the application and pay the applicable renewal fee of Fifty dollars ($50.00).
(Texas requires the applicant to complete safety course and fingerprinting.)"

Welcome to Tenn.! Look at the Tennessee Gun Owner's Forum.

08-02-2008, 15:08
Hopefully I will be headed that way in next couple of months. Florida is not Florida anymore, so my wife's family lives in Tn, Portland area so will be moving around the nashville area also.
Looking forward to it. So I may join the tenn. glock gang!!

08-07-2008, 16:17
Hey hey....cmon over. I am a former NY'r and moved here 15 years ago. I love it. I am in Hendersonville, and personally I would go to Guns and Leather before any other shop, but that is me. They have an awesome indoor range, and a great leathersmith on site.

Definately check out the Tennessee Gun Owners forum....it's a great place too.