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06-26-2008, 21:52
I will be traveling to PA soon, I have a non-resident permit from before. Now my AZ permit is good there. But what are the off limit places in PA? Or are there any little quirks I should know about with PA gun laws? Last time I was there, it was pretty uneventful. But that was a few years ago. I was wondering if anything changed between now and then.


Arc Angel
06-26-2008, 23:16
:) Well, since none of my neighbors have answered your question, yet: You aren't in for any real surprises.

Don't carry a CCW piece into a post office or a federal office building. Stay off all school property while carrying. If you enter a county courthouse, stop at the doorway and immediately notify a deputy that you are armed. Keep it well hidden in state parks, too. (You could be charged with a violation of the park regulations; but, more than likely, you'll just be asked to leave.)

Here's one almost nobody ever thinks of: Do NOT leave your LOADED PISTOL unattended anywhere. If you must leave a pistol inside your hotel room or vehicle while you are away, remove the cartridges from the gun and bring them with you. What you do NOT want to have to report in Pennsylvania is the theft of an unattended LOADED pistol from anywhere outside of your home.

Bars and restaurants are fine. If you go to Philadelphia, be kind to the overworked police officers and keep it well hidden. Enjoy your visit. ;)

06-26-2008, 23:48
what about churches?

Arc Angel
06-26-2008, 23:57
Ask the Pastor! ;)

(They're OK.)

07-03-2008, 16:01
sorry...didn't see this post until just today (i always forget to check this sub-forum)...

but arc angel pretty much told you everything you need to know already.

PA has very few restrictions on where you can carry.

the only additional places (aside from federal off limits places) that are off-limits in PA is shools (K - 12...doesn't apply to college campuses)* and courthouses.

*there is actually a clause in the PA law against carrying in schools that says it shall be a defense that the gun is carried for a lawful purpose, but you prolly do not want to be the test case for that.

also, state parks are off limits via a DCNR (dept. of conservation of natural resources) regulation. while it is not illegal, in and of itself, to carry in a state park, it is a summary offense to violate a DCNR regulation. so, by carrying in a state park, you are breaking a DCNR violation, so it is a summary offense--same as if you littered in a state park.

(fortunately, a law to change that--and bar the DCNR from banning guns in state parks--has passed the state house and senate and is waiting to be signed by the governor, but as of today, it is still a DCNR regulation...of course, concealed means concealed as they say.)

state forests, on the other hand are good to is the allegheny national forest in case you happen to visit that part of PA.

if you are going to philly, be aware that several of the historical landmarks in philly are considered national parks and are, thus, currently off limits by federal law.

hope you enjoy your visit to PA!

07-06-2008, 08:08
if you are going to philly, be aware that several of the historical landmarks in philly are considered national parks ...

It's really easy to tell which ones by the park rangers patrolling them in their Smokey The Bear hats and tan and green uniforms.

07-06-2008, 13:30
Thanks for the help. I am actually going back to Monessen to see family, and attend a wedding. I have no plans of venturing to Philly.