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06-30-2008, 15:10
So I got my 3 PCs here. One working great, one waiting on windows (lost an OEM key like a tard) and the other giving me issues. Everything was working great, had XP running and was installing drivers when I broke the DVD tray clean off. So I go to the store and grab another one. Turn the machine off, change it out (same drive and everything), swap my old junker monitor for my newer but still old dell 20" CRT and now I can't get the thing to output video.

When I power on I get the single post beep and everything looks like its working great. The motherboard does not have onboard video but I already got the video card driver installed and even when I didn't have it installed it still had a basic video driver and displayed. I have tried the regular VGA port and using the other white port (name escapes me at the moment) with a vga converter (worked find for me in the past) and still get nothing.

Any ideas before I hunt down the specs?