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06-30-2008, 15:46
Well GlockSupremacy, here are a few shots of the bikes. A before and after of th R6, and a few of the ducs. I have fallen in love with the Ducati motor, and may buy a 848 for the track. That would mean that the R6 would have to go up for sale, and I do not know if I can stand to part with it.






07-01-2008, 14:41
Awesome! thanks slagged!

I guess that answers what would have been my next question...what helmet you were wearing...Glad you were able to just walk away from the crash.

Great minds must think alike because I'm a huge ducati fan! Your living my dream right now with a 1098 street bike with a r6 race bike! Unfortunately for me, my current financial status does not allow for me to have such fun race toys. If you can afford to have the 848 as a track bike more power to ya ducs belong on the track. (i figured race and replacement bits would be really high on the duc compared to an r6 track mule)

I just officially claim dibs on the white knight if it were to ever be involved in a crash right here and now! Yes, i am able to pick it up. Thanks in advance! :supergrin:

ETA: I am also willing to buy your r6 for virtually nothing if the 848 becomes a reality! :tongueout:

07-01-2008, 18:12
You have first dibs on it if I decide to sell! The ducs appear to be fairly hardy in a crash. Race body work is pretty tough and can eat up much of the damage in a lowside. Nothing can protect you in a highside. The only thing holding me back on the 848 is the $6k in upgrades I would do to the suspension...

07-02-2008, 13:04
I thought other people might be interested in the pics...

Got any more of the 1098? Action shots are always great....

07-02-2008, 16:38
We don't do Ducks.


07-02-2008, 17:25
Nice collection! I almost traded my Brutale for a Tuono due to its overheating issues. May pick up their new naked (Shiver I think?)