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07-10-2008, 13:52
Here are the details :wavey: http://langhornerodandgunclub.org/LRGC3


LRGC is proud to host it's first 3 gun match, which will feature challenging courses of fire in pistol, shotgun, and rifle/carbine. It's a benefit match for the club, and for the action shooting sports enjoyed by all.

This page shall be the principal information site for the match, and any changes or additions will be reflected only here.
The match is an All Day Event which includes a tasty lunch, a commemorative Tee shirt, and access to a prize table that continues to become well appointed. The entrance fee is $75.00. To enter, please download, print, and return This registration form to the address indicated on the form. We will post a list periodically of those successfully registered. There is a 75 shooter cap on the match.

The actual course of fire shall remain unpublished until gameday.


1 - Centerfire pistol with 60 rounds of ammunition, and minimum 2 feeding devices/mags. A Strong-side holster is required.
2 - 12 gauge shotgun with 25 rounds of LEAD 7.5 or 8 bird-shot ammunition.
3 - Semi-Automatic Centerfire rifle (rifle caliber), 3 magazines minimum, and 150 rounds of commercial style ammunition (no M855 or other armor-piercing ammo permitted). Rifle MUST be equipped with a sling, and MAY use iron sights or any optic. No accomodation can be made for zeroing on match day. Distances are from 10 to 200 yards.
4 - Safety gear (eye/ear protection, chamber flags for shotgun and rifle.
5 - Black marking pen, pen, pencil.
6 - Sunblock, water/canteen, snacks.


The Langhorne Rod and Gun Club is located at 215 Stoney Ford Road, Northampton, PA. This link shows the location of the club:

LRGC at maps.google.com

Shooters are required to report to the clubhouse at 0815 for match briefing, with first shots at 9am. The clubhouse is immediately visible ahead as you pull in the front gate.

Please go to the link at the begining of the post to download the registration form. Feel free to email any questions you might have to lastdefender@aol.com


07-29-2008, 19:53

This event is filling up fast. I would suggest you not :countingsheep: on this if you plan on attending.