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07-18-2008, 14:07
I just moved to the Naugatuck, CT area and was looking for some recommendations for good gunshops in the area?

07-18-2008, 14:36
Take a little bit of a ride and go to Newington.... Hoffman's has a good selection, and so does Newington Gun Exchange. In Middlefield is a good store... New England Field and Stream. Connecticut is a small state, so the trip is not that long.

07-18-2008, 15:04
I just moved to the Naugatuck, CT area and was looking for some recommendations for good gunshops in the area?

I agree with the guy above, if you are looking to shop around check out Hoffmans, you will get to see a huge variety. When you are ready to buy, jump on Rt 63 in Naugatuck and take it south into Bethany. There is a tiny shop there call Bethany Firearms. The owner Chris is the best guy in the CT to deal with. Anything he doesnt have he can get quick. I also like the guys at Newington gun, good selection and good knowledge. Hope that helps :cheers:

07-18-2008, 15:08
Hoffman's is a mess right now as they are getting ready to move to there new location. Not the usual selection they normally have. Newington Gun Exchange is good but I still think JoJo's in Southington is the tops. :number1:

07-19-2008, 08:36
i haven't been in CT in a couple years, but when i was i mainly shopped at hoffmans in newington. if your looking for a glock, i believe it was called joe's gun shop on south main st in new britain... it's really a store in a guys garage behind his house but had great prices on glocks and i have heard he is an excellent gunsmith!!!

Glock Dave
07-19-2008, 23:20
I'll add my 2 cents and give Chris at Bethany firearms my whole hearted recommendation. Not the biggest shop so do your window shopping at the big stores then see Chris when you want to buy. He'll order whatever you want and have it in a couple days. Hoffman's is fun to look but don't buy. I have had trouble with "gun shop attitude" up there. I also caught him in a major lie trying to rip off my brother who was a firearm newbie. If you are up in that area go to Newington gun exchange instead. Stay away from Fairfield county because the prices are outrageous. I have 2 gun shops in my town and one in the next but I still drive a half hour away to buy guns.

07-20-2008, 20:38
The prices of everything in Ffld county are outrageous, not only guns.

I will go to either Bethany or JoJo's in Southington.