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07-21-2008, 15:16
Well, I'm officially gonna be an old fart on friday and was thinking about giving up the bike........

.....nahh. Gonna ride up to the bike show instead.:supergrin:
Hope I see those guys with the 500 HP crotch rockets doing some burnouts.

michael t
07-21-2008, 18:31
Hell I 62 and ride a Hayabusa Buy one and get with being old and fast

07-21-2008, 19:32
The Bonneville is fast enough for me though I'd love to get a Rocket III!:wavey:

07-22-2008, 13:45
Old farts and fast bikes are NOT mutually exclusive. I ride with plenty of 50+ geezers on Italian crotch rockets that school young punks on a regular basis.