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07-23-2008, 01:51
Old Mrs. Wilson loved to hear a fiery sermon. She would sconce her comfortable
bulk in the pew, rock back and forth in time to the minister's cadences, take a
dip of snuff and cry "A-a-a-men," at every piece of ministerial denunciation.

When the minister spoke harshly of sex, drinking, smoking, and drug-taking,
she approved heartily, taking snuff at each item and emitting her rolling "A- a-

Finally the minister began, "And now let me talk about another
vicious habit that, fortunately, is going increasingly out of fashion. I refer
to the deplorable practice of snuff-dipping..."

Whereupon Mrs. Wilson sat bolt upright and muttered under her breath,
"Wouldn't you know? He's stopped preaching' and commenced to meddling'!"