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07-30-2008, 09:13
I was browsing amazon looking at James Rollins newest novel "The Last Oracle" when it suggested that I read The Wheel Of Darkness, the latest novel by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Childs. I'm considering picking up one of the novels in the Agent Pendergast series, but don't know very much about it. Are they good for a fan of action/adventure thrillers like those written by Clive Cussler and James Rollins?

07-30-2008, 10:53
Those are awesome books, start at the beginning and work your way forward with Relic. It's interesting to see there writing mature and get better over time. There books are really popular and you can find them in most public library's. Start with Relic and you'll get a feel for there style, its really unique and dynamic.

07-30-2008, 11:12
They went overboard with Agent Pendergast.

Their best works are. Thunderhead, The Ice Limit, Rip Tide, Mount Dragon, Relic and Reliquary.

Even Still Life with Crows was entertaining. Every thing they have written after these books is trash in my opinion.

07-30-2008, 14:07
Yeah, my local library has Relic. I'm going to pick it up tomorrow.

Jason D
07-30-2008, 15:53
It would be a good idea. Start with the first books, Relic and Reliquary. They are very good books, and I've enjoyed every single one. You really need to read them in order though, there are run on characters, and plot lines from book to book.

08-09-2008, 07:15
I missed going to the library last week and ended up going on a trip, so I'm probably just going to pick up paperbacks of the first few and start reading!