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08-02-2008, 00:12
I'm getting into the squat / gallon milk a day thing after everyone's wonderful advice.

Question, how much am I hindering myself by going with 2%? I've never really drank whole milk and 2% is what I'm used to.


08-02-2008, 06:04
Rip generally recommends whole milk for this kind of project. You should read his advice in Starting Strength and over at his forum. I know I've seen him answer this question, but I don't rememer the answer. Some guy wanted to know if skim milk was ok.

08-02-2008, 16:43

If you've stated in other threads, I don't remember but what is your age? I am guessing you are in your 20s. If so, and based on your ht/wt stats you posted in your other thread, I think you would benefit from whole milk; even better would be raw if you can get it, and if you can find it at a good price. I am guessing you have a high metabolism and I don't think the extra milk fat would be detrimental at all in adding body fat. If you can stomach it, you could always start on whole, then if you don't see muscle results but you do see fat results, scale back or jump back to 2%.

08-02-2008, 22:05
24 y/o. I found whole but raw milk just isn't available in the states as far as I can find. At least not locally.

Bought a gallon of whole and I'll see where I end up.

California Jack
08-02-2008, 22:11
Buy you a Holstein.