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arnold ziffle
08-14-2008, 01:18
i had a tech guy over to look at my laptop . when he looked i had 178 programs running in the background. he showed me how to do it but i didnt write it down. as i recall it was only a few clicks. any help will be greatly appreciated.

08-14-2008, 03:08
If you are running Windows XP, press Ctrl-Alt-Delete, and the Task Manager will pop up. You can also right click on the Taskbar, then left click on Task Manager.

If you want to use MSCONFIG, go here for instructions:

arnold ziffle
08-14-2008, 08:41
thank you . that was what i was looking for.

08-14-2008, 09:18
You can also set which programs start with Windows Startup. The easy way is to install Advanced Windows Care. After installing when first running the program go to "Options" and "Updates".

Download Advanced Windows Care here.