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08-14-2008, 15:26
O.K. Folks for all you tactical weapons lovers out there (I hope I'm not getting over anyone's head here with AR stuff - I know most on the site like to stick to Glocks but for the adventurous, here you go) -

I have had an account with LMT have had it for awhile but lately I (personally) have been getting into the AR's heavy and can get just about anything you want, need, or desire in the way of parts or fully assembled rifles.

However, these aren't run of the mill Bushmasters, RRA or DPMS crapola. These are better rated than Colts (trust me) some of the best AR equipment you will find on par with Noveske .

As always my prices are very good and anyone that knows me knows that no price gouging here and there never will be ...

Talk to me if your interested :cool: ... email 1999cobra@comcast.net

FYI - I have accounts with RRA, Bushmaster, DPMS, Armalite, Colt and Stag Arms but the LMT stuff is far superior -

08-14-2008, 16:48
I love my Lmt defender its an outstanding rifle 3500+ rounds no ftfs or ftes and havent even cleaned it it fires everything from wolf to lake city, defintley a rifle i depend mine and the life of my family on.